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Barrister Babu 14th August 2021 Written Episode: Somnath Exposed As A Real Kidnapper Of Bondita


The upcoming episode of Barrister Babu is bringing many twists that will make you surprised because Trilochan will get exposed. As everyone understood till now that Bondita was kidnapped by Anirudh but the real thing is that Trilochan kidnapped Bondita. Because he was aware that Anirudh would definitely do something to save Bondita, which would be unfair, that’s why he did everything before Anirudh. This is the reason that as soon as Trilochan came to know about Anirudh’s plan, he made Sampurna sit in Bondita’s place so that Anirudh would not get suspicious, and he will get success in his plan.

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The Trilochan shakes hands with Chandrachud and tells him that no matter what happens, but he wants to see Bondita’s wedding. Because it will be appropriate for her and if she gets married well then she will also be happy and will go away from Tulsipur forever. Then Chandrachud agrees with him and says that he will make her happy after the wedding does not worry. It will be shocking for the viewers because still, enmity is going on between Krishna Nagar and Tulsipur and if Trilochan goes to Chandrachud for Bondita’s marriage, so it could be suspicious somewhere.

Barrister Babu Written Episode

After a while, Chandrachud prepares the wedding Pavilion and Trilochan brings Bondita but as soon as Chandrachud lifts her veil, he gets shocked because a Sanyasani sitting there instead of Bondita. He gets angry to see and starts interrogating Trilochan that why he is playing a game with him because Bondota is not here as he told him. Meanwhile, he threatens Trilochan by saying that if he does not bring Bondita here safely so he will shoot him for sure. But Trilochan also gets shocked because he made sure Bondita was in the Jeep before coming, so how could it be possible.

But here is the twist, Because Somnath is the real villain of the story and he is the real culprit who kidnapped Bondita. So he starts preparing for the third ritual so that, Bondita can take Sanyas properly and goes away from their life forever. At the same time, he wonders that he will definitely do the work which Trilochan could not. Hence, he tries to put a burning coal on the tongue of Bondita, but when he starts suddenly someone comes to save her. So it is interesting to watch that who will save Bondita, So watch it on Colors at 08:30 PM and for further details connect with us.


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