Home Entertainment Barrister Babu 14th September 2021 Today’s Written Episode & Update

Barrister Babu 14th September 2021 Today’s Written Episode & Update


In the latest episode of your favorite show Barrister Babu drama and suspense will continue with tonight’s episode where the phone rings and Chandrachur thinks that the call be can Musa’s one. Somnath sees the ringing phone he goes and picks up, he asks on call whom he wants to talk to. Meanwhile, Chandrachur cuts the wire and Somnath keeps saying hello on the phone but then he leaves. Thakumaa asks him about the call, he replies that it was from Dhaka but they don’t have anyone there.

Barrister Babu 14th September 2021 Today's Written Episode & Update

Thakumaa says that it is not a normal thing if they are getting calls from Dhaka, Anirudh says her not to be worried as it could be a business call. Chandrachur says that it could be connected by mistake as well so there is no need to think more about it. Anirudh sees a worried Thakumaa and just to make her feel easy he call-in a telephone exchange and requests the executive to find out who called them all the way from Dhaka. He cuts the call and assures that he won’t let anyone ruin the relation of friendship.

On the same night, Anirudh gets uneasy thinking that still there is a distance of this single night how would it be passed. He thinks that how much time will he have to bear to meet Bondita now. Chandrachur thinks in his mind about his wedding with Bondita and gets super happy thinking the same. The next morning he goes to the venue and gets angry seeing Bondita and Anirudh’s wedding banner, he kicks and breaks that saying he will not let it happen.

There, in the venue Bondita sits for Haldi Rasam everyone gets happy seeing her, but Bondita says that she will only let the Haldi be done if Anirudh agrees to her two conditions. Sampoorna asks her if she is mad or what because this day came after so many fights, she asks her about the conditions.

Trilochan laughs saying this is the old Bondita, everyone asks her about the conditions, she goes to the mic and says her wishes on the loudspeaker. She says to Anirudh that one condition is that Anirudh has to be a brother of Tapur and Tupur and the second one is that he has to be the son of Thakumaa and Sumati. Anirudh says loudly that he accepts her all conditions. The episode ends here, stay tuned with us to get more written updates of Barrister Babu.


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