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Barrister Babu 25th July 2021 Spoilers Written Update: Anirudh’s Hands Burn Saving Vaijanti


The coming episode of Barrister Babu is bringing quite amazing turns and twists under which, you can not stop watching it. So as everyone knows that nowadays Vyjayanthi aka Bondita is doing all those things which can help Anirudh to recall all those golden moments which they have spent together. So Bondita is trying to get out all the secrets that are hidden in Anirudh’s heart and is succeeding somewhere. Because she knows that even today Anirudh loves Bondita as much as he used to do earlier, just because of this enmity, he is not expressing it.

Barrister Babu 25th July 2021 Spoilers Written Update: Anirudh's Hands Burn Saving Vaijanti

Then she mentions that even if he declared Bondita his enemy in front of society but inwardly he knows how much he loves her. but Vyjayanthi aka Bondita is slowly crossing her stage where she first feeds Anirudh with Rasgulla which he had not touched for 8 years. Where Anirudh also misses Bondita a lot and tears start coming from her eyes because no matter how much she hides but everyone knows, that a separate place in his heart for Bondita that will never be free. When it comes to the second stage, so she forced him to play the Piano as well.

So now it is interesting to watch that what will her next step is to make him realize his pure feelings towards Bondita. As Anirudh has asked her to not come into his mansion ahead so she does not have plenty of time, to make him realize everything. Hence, she decides to do more efforts to rekindle her feelings so that she can relive the happy moments in her life. Therefore she had to take support of the Barrister’s attire because he has a close connection with it and if she wears it so his reactions will definitely come ahead. 

The coat is matters a lot for Anirudh because Bondita used to wear it and he can not see anyone to wear it besides her. But when Vyjayanthi aka Bondita wears it spontaneously coat catches the fire and starts burning. Meanwhile, Anirudh starts a fire extinguisher through his hands so that, he can save it anyhow. Even she does not feel nice to see him in this condition because his hands may burn due to fire. Therefore she starts doing drama and says that the coat became a cause of his injury so it’s better to throw it into the dustbin. So do not miss to watch it on Colors at 08:30 PM and for further details connect with us.


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