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Barrister Babu 25th May 2021: Kalindi Points Gun At Trilochan Today’s Written Episode


Tonight there will be some more drama that will appear on your screen. The latest episode of Barrister Babu begins with, Bondita saying to Anirudh that she can’t break her promises that she did to Thakuma. She further says that she can not meet Anirudh due to those promises. She swears on Sumati, Anirudh says that Bondita is not responsible for that because she did not have any single idea that Rupa is Anirudh. Anirudh says that Bondita should only focus on her goal.

Barrister Babu 25th May 2021: Kalindi Points Gun At Trilochan Today's Written Episode

Sampoorna gets shocked to know that there are not Pooris on the table someone stole those, something must be fishy here. Anirudh maker her eat those pooris saying that you have to take proper meal because it will help you to focus on study. Bonita apologizes to Anirudh because she tried to unveil his identity. Anirudh reveals that he has decided to send Bondita to London for further studies, so there she can study without any problem and there Thakuma won’t be able to reach her, but for that Bondita has to polish her writing skills with all essays.

Anirudh says that soon he will get that permission and the ship ticket and after that Bondita will go out of the country. Bondita says that they should celebrate now after this Anirudh dances like a peacock to entertain Kalindi, they dance and enjoy, Kalindi comes there that puts Bondita and Anirudh in shock. Kalindi enters Anirudh’s mansion, she calls Anirudh to come out, her behaviours scare Batuk too.

Trilochan comes out, Kalindi grips him at gunpoint. Trilochan denies calling Anirudh, he says that he does not scared of her. Kalindi gets angry and taunts him that if zamindar loves to insult women so we also know to shoot. There Anirudh says that he really does not even a single idea about the informer. Kalindi insists the informer tell them who sent her to their house. She slaps him.

Trilochan replies that he is having some respect here so she can’t do this, he annoys and says that now he will not tolerate even single misbehaviour of her. The landlord says that now he will call the Panch to get a proper decision. Kalindi says that they can’t do more than punishing her. She further says that it will be worse if Anirudh ever comes to her house. The episode ends here with this verbal spat between Kalindi and Trilochan, stay tuned to get more updates.


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