Home Entertainment Barrister Babu 26th August 2021 Written Episode: Bondita Runs Away With Anirudh

Barrister Babu 26th August 2021 Written Episode: Bondita Runs Away With Anirudh


The recent episode of Barrister Babu starts where Anirudh unleashes his feeling by saying that no matter how many attempts are being done by villagers, but no one will be able to make them separate. But Bondita tries to convince him to leave the place as soon as possible because her house members especially Thakurma, do not want to see them together. Anirudh makes her understand that there is no need to take tension ahead because he knows how to deal with it. Hence, Anirudh refuses to leave the place because they can hurt Bondota too and he can not see that.

Another side, havoc has been taken place between Trilochan & Thakurmaa where Trilochan asks them to find Bondita because she made Anirudh spoiled. But Thakurmaa retaliates by saying that now she will shoot Anirudh so that, his chapter would close forever. After hearing this, Trilochan’s anger goes at its peak and he expresses his rage by mentioning that, if Anirudh gets even scratch of injury so he will not let Bondita survive at all, no matter what happens. Therefore, both bring out their guns and ask villagers to bring them in front of everyone as soon as they can.

Barrister Babu Written Episode

After a while, Bondita hugs Anirudh and the romantic angel takes place between the two but Bondita keeps on asking him to leave the place because all villagers are eagerly finding him. At the same time, Anirudh assures Bondita that if they are together so no circumstances can affect them because he is ready to handle all consequences. Then Tupur reaches the place where Anirudh and Bondita are hiding together and she points a gun at Anirudh’s forehead. But Bondita comes ahead to save him and as same as Anirudh does and Tupur gets impressed by both of them.

Then she advises them to run away from the village because no matter what happens but they will never make them survive together happily. But Bondita as long as she gets permission from her mother she can not go anywhere else. Meanwhile, Tupur says that she will talk to Sumati about him therefore she goes to inform Sumati about Bondita. But Sumati refuses to accept whatever Tupur is saying, But she convinces her by saying that if she does not agree with it, so they will kill Bondita. After a while, Sumati agrees and gives them a blessing for their new life, so do not miss watching it on Colors at 08:30 PM and for more details connect with us.


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