Home Entertainment Barrister Babu 26th July 2021 Spoilers Full Today’s Written Episode & Update

Barrister Babu 26th July 2021 Spoilers Full Today’s Written Episode & Update


The latest episode of the show starts where Bondita talking to a man saying not to tell Chandrachur anything. She says him that she wants to give him a surprise and she also wants to do something for Krishnanagar. The man apologizes and says that he will help her with this. On the other side, Somnath and Anirudh get an earing and they find that belongs to Sampoorna. Both come back, the man says that he was thinking and worried about slavery and this is the reason he ran away, he apologizes to him, Anirudh says its, Okay but he has to live here in Tulsipur.

Barrister Babu 26th July 2021 Spoilers Full Today's Written Episode & Update

Anirudh in the house goes to switch the lights on, Bondita there says that she put the fuse out as he likes the darkness. He says that he wants light in the house, he calls Bihari, she says him to light the candles, he asks her about the behaviour, she replies that she will leave today because it is her last day here. She comes out wearing the Barrister robes, he says her to wear the complete dress, she wears and both gets a picture clicked.

She says that she knows, now he is getting hurt by Bondita’s memories, he says her that he won’t take the picture she smiles and says why not he says her to leave as he is getting irritated now and angry as well. She starts to argue with him, he says that she does not know even a single thing about her, she says so just make her understand, he replies “you won’t understand” she says him to make her understand and at least try it for once.

He says to her that “now you are crossing your limits, she replies that you have done the same already”. Meanwhile, a candle falls on the robe and starts burning, he blows off the fire with his hands. She then asks him that why did he burn his hands just for these cheap and rented clothes. She asks him that if this dress really means to him so she will buy a bunch of dresses like this.

He tells her that it is not just a black coat, it is their pride, and as she is calling it useless she never understand the value of this. She then asks him to make her swim about this if she is not. At the end of the episode, you will watch Anirudh laughing and apologising to Bondita. So to get the complete visual update don’t forget to watch the episode tonight at the right time and till then stay tuned with us to read every single update on the show.


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