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Barrister Babu Latest Episode 17th September 2021 Written Update: Chandrachud Executes His Conspiracy


The upcoming episode of Barrister Babu begins where Chandrachud decides to take revenge on Anirudh and hence, he is ready to execute his conspiracy against him. Meanwhile, Sampurna and Anirudh’s sister-in-law is creating obstacles for Anirudh so that, he can not meet Bondita because they are a newly married couple, and it’s unfair if they meet easily. Therefore, Sampurna makes him understand that he needs to wait a bit more meanwhile, Anirudh expresses his impatient nature and asks her to let him meet Bondita. Sampurna agrees and says that he has a few seconds to meet her, so do not waste them.

Barrister Babu 17 9 2021

Then Anirudh goes into Bondita’s room and meets her but she blushes at him even Anirudh is doing something similar. Meanwhile, he confesses his love for her and praises her beauty too by saying that he never see such a beautiful bride like her. Spontaneously Sampurna comes there and says that his time has over and made them separate, meantime asks them to stay individually in rooms. At the same time, Thakurma also asks Sumati to leave the place because they show go, Krishna Nagar, because Bondita’s wedding has done and there is no need to stay here more.

After a while, Trilochan comes to her and asks to stay more in Roy Chaudhary’s mansion because many rituals are pending, but she refuses by saying that now Bondita is their daughter-in-law, so she will manage everything according to the rituals. While standing behind them Chandrachud is hearing everything, and pretends like he has forgotten everything. But he is inwardly thought to take revenge as soon as possible, because Anirudh made him feel let down in front of the entire village, so therefore he will not let him go, no matter what happens.

At the same time, he wonders that if Thakurma and Sumati leave the place so he will not able to take his revenge which is inappropriate. Hence, he makes an excuse by saying that their house roof has broken again and it will take some time to be repaired, so it’s not good to go there in this condition of the house. After hearing all this Trilochan does not let them go because they can hurt there while repairing. Chandrachud gets happy to see because everything is going on as he thought, so do not miss watching it on Colors at 08:30 PM and for further details stay connected with us.


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