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Barrister Babu Latest Written Episode & Update 21st July 2021: Anirudh Organizes The Grand Party


The upcoming episode of Barrister Babu is bringing many more interesting twists where you will watch that, where Bondita gets to know that the entire family is going to organize a grand party on Shashwati’s birthday. Hence, she decides to contribute a bit of support in preparations. But another side, Shashwati is sitting upset but Bondita consoles her that she will make her birthday commemorate in a huge way do not worry. Meanwhile, she assures Shashwati that Anirudh will also join her Birthday bash for sure.

Barrister Babu Today's Episode

After a while, Shashwati goes to Anirudh along with her friends and discusses her birthday preparations. Anirudh says she will get whatever gift she wants but she says that she doesn’t want just a gift but a party. Anirudh will tell her that it is okay that he will arrange for the party but will not come to it. She insists that Anirudh must come because it’s her birthday and she wants to share the joy with him, Anirudh is confused what to do now as he can’t even spoil his birthday.

After that, Anirudh agrees to join the party and later, he comes there and sees them glad even Sampurna smiles to see him. He will smile to see Vyjayanti urf Bondita while having fun with Sashwati and her friends, meanwhile, Sampurna asks Trilochan that they should fix Anirudh and Vyjayanti’s alliance. Because she is the only one who can make him smile, but Trilochan refuses clearly by saying that she belongs from South India and it’s not appropriate if they insist them to make their alliance.

Later, Bihari recalls Bondita by saying that if she would have been here so she will make everything fantastic, through her presence. At the same time, Sampurna asks Vyjayanti to not bring sweet dishes here, but despite this, she prepares the plate of sweets and brings that to the party venue. The man of Chadarchud who has been enslaved reaches his ears that a big celebration is going on. and he decides to go and see where recognizes Bondita that she is not a South Indian girl.

Now he wants this news to reach Chandrachud as soon as possible, at the same time cake-cutting ceremony takes place, and Vyjayanthi goes to bring Binoy. She comes with him and they commemorate her birthday bash with him, meanwhile, she organizes a few games and convinces Anirudh to play with them. In short, the episode is going to be super amazing so do not miss to watch it on Colors at 08:30 PM, and for more updates stay connected with us. 



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