Home Entertainment Barrister Babu Today Written Episode 12th Nov 2021: Anirudh Slaps Batuk!

Barrister Babu Today Written Episode 12th Nov 2021: Anirudh Slaps Batuk!


The 12th November 2021 episode of Barrister Babu where Batuk is adamant about his word, saying that no matter what happens, he will not open the door. Meanwhile, Trilcohan and Sampurna try to make him understand that he is doing wrong because Bondota is the mother of the child, and they need her at this time. Batuk replies that he is not doing anything inappropriately, and definitely takes them to Italy so that, Bondita can feel the same pain as he has faced. Because she became the unexpected death of Anirudh which is not forgivable at all.

Barrister Babu Today Written Episode 12th Nov 2021: Anirudh Slaps Batuk!

At the same time, when Bondota tries to make her child safe from Batuk’s hand he sets the fire ring around Bondota, and she gets stuck into that because her pain is not recovered yet. But spontaneously Anirudh takes place and saves Bondita from the fire ring, and as soon as they look at each other, they recall all those gold moments in which they have lived together, in short, a flashback appears on the screen. Then Bondita breaks down in tears of happiness because her faith got the victory as she got back her husband.

Meanwhile, Anirudh hugs Bondita and says that he can understand the pain of their separation, at the same time, she makes him familiar that Batuk made their child hostage and does not let anyone meet them. She unleashes everything that Batuk accused her of all those things that were revolutionized for her, because of Anirudh. Meantime, Anirudh breaks the door and goes inside the room to take his child back from Batuk’s hand. But as soon as Trilcohan sees him, he hugs Anirudh and says that he waited long for him even Batuk breaks down in tears and tries to hug Anirudh, but as he comes ahead Anirudh slaps him.

After a while, when Batuk comes to him for an apology Anirudh refuses to accept because in his absence he has done several exploits against Bondita. Despite knowing that she was pregnant, and therefore he will never accept his apology no matter what happens. Meanwhile, asks him to go away from his eyes and mentions that from today he breaks his all relations with him. Because if he has poison up to the next level for Bondita so he will definitely attack again, so for the sake of his family’s safety he will have to take such strong decisions.


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