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Barrister Babu Today’s Episode 14th July 2021: Bondita Decides To Reveal The Truth


The coming episode of Barrister Babu will start where Anirudh shouts at Bondita by saying that why she always creates trouble for them. Bondita replies it happens spontaneously and it’s not her fault at all, so please stop rebuking and shouting. At the same time, Bondita complains that Anirudh himself fell down into the water so whose fault is it? Meanwhile, Anirudh inwardly expresses his rage by saying that while teaching this girl, he himself should not go mad and leaves the place.

Barrister Babu

Another side, Bondita is getting happy inwardly by thinking that whether he accepts or not but still, he cares for Bondita which is priceless for her. Spontaneously, Trilochan makes Anirudh understand that whatever happened today, was not appropriate enough and asks him to take care of it for the next time. Because if he makes the same mistake so won’t be forgivable at all, meanwhile, Anirudh gives her justification but Trilochan again asks him to take care of it for the next time.

Barrister Babu Episode

After that, Bondita reaches back to her house where Thakurmaa is saying that they will have to figure out as soon as possible, about the person who is going to Roy Chaudhary’s mansion daily. Hence, Bondita gets worried and wonders that if Thakurmaa gets to know her truth so would not be beneficial for her. So therefore she will have to take any step sagaciously, so that, Thakurmaa will never get the doubt on her. Even Anirudh is also missing Bondita wholeheartedly.

Later, he goes to Bondita’s room and starts crying by recalling all those golden moments which they have spent with each other. Meanwhile, Bondita is also seeing him by telescope and wonders that how sad he is, because still, he is not familiar that Bondita has come back. Bondita also decides to go to her room because her all memories kept there, but spontaneously a worker arrives there and informs her that Barrister Babu never let her go to that room.

Then he brings her away from the room by saying that if Anirudh sees it so he will get angry, because even cleaners are not allowed to enter the room without taking his permission. After hearing this, Bondita goes from there by thinking that she is Bondita and will definitely marry Anirudh again. Even another twist is ready to take place in the show because Thakurmaa is about to get Bondita’s Truth. So do not miss to watch it on Colors At 08:30 PM and for further details connect with us.


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