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Barrister Babu Today’s Written Update 18th July 2021: Vaijanti Aka Bondita Reveals Her Identity


The upcoming episode of Barrister Babu will begin where you will watch, that Vajyanti urf Bondita reveals her identity, by saying she is Bondita and can not stay without him. Anirudh gets shocked to hear this and gets emotional as well, because he was impatient wants to see Bondita’s face and she finally arrived. He is sad that despite Bondita being in front of his eyes, he could not recognize her and he remembers all the things he said to her these days. 

Barrister Babu Today's Written Update 18th July 2021: Vaijanti Aka Bondita Reveals Her Identity

Then Anirudh expresses his rage by saying that she is not his Bondita and get out of here as soon as possible because Bondita is with him since childhood, in short, he calls her a hypocrite. Vajyanti aka Bondita gets a big shock after hearing this and thinks that she unleashes the whole truth to Anirudh and despite this, he is not ready to accept her as Bondita. Another reason for Anirudh’s anger is also because Thakurma has done a lot of wrong with his family which cannot be called.

After that, Anirudh mentions that she betrays them and it can not be possible that he will accept her as Bondita at any cost, no matter what happens. Anirudh kicks her out of the house, and Bondita too is shocked as to which punishment she is getting. Actually, the thing is that Anirudh is running away from the truth because he is remembering all the past. This is one of the reasons why he remembers Bondita but cannot be with her, the past cannot be ignored.

Anirudh recalls the incident when Thakurma poisoned his family with food, due to which his father’s condition is very bad today. Because of which his father’s mental state is not right today, but as we all know that this is just a misunderstanding between them. Because Thakurma didn’t do all this, it’s all done by the man who wanted to marry Bondita. Today it is planted by the same man in which both the families are burning, and furthering the enmity.

Because when he wanted to marry Bondita she refused his proposal due to Anirudh because he is her first priority. Therefore he felt jealous and decided to ruin both families by hook or by crook, hence, he executed his conspiracy and made them enemies of each other. Because he took a pledge that if he could not marry Bondita so he will not let her marry or make allian ce with Anirudh, no matter what happens. So do not miss to stream it on Colors at 08:30 PM and for more details connect with us.


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