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Barrister Babu Today’s Written Update 21st August 2021 Episode: Anirudh Takes Bondita Away


The upcoming episode of Barrister Babu brought some meritorious twists and through which, high voltage Drama is going to take place. So, therefore, Anirudh makes a call to Bondita and informs her that he is coming on the occasion of Janam-Ashtami, to complete her. Bondita is feeling that somewhere it may be wrong if he comes here because of the differences are going on between Tulsipur and Krishnanagar. So he shouldn’t come here but she doesn’t tell him and the phone gets disconnected, ever since she got to know this her trepidation increased because Thakurma will also be there.

Barrister Babu

Then  Anirudh decides to take lord Krishna’s attire so that, no one can recognize him in Krishna Nagar besides Bondita. Hence, he carries attire and looks like lord Krishna and takes a pledge that no matter what happens, but now he will convince her that how much he loves her. Then he leaves place and after a while, reaches Krishna Nagar where he dances with Bondita and enjoys enough even Bondota enjoys too, because still, she is unfamiliar that he is Anirudh. Inwardly, he is thinking that at anyhow he has to take Bondita away from here so that, he can confess his love.

After that, as soon as he gets a chance he takes Bondita away from them to a room where he tells her everything that he loves very much for her. He unleashes his all feelings by saying that whatever has done with her, that was not his fault at all and she knows it very well. The main reason behind this was the enmity which is going on between both villages, but now he is ready for initiating to end it. But it will take some time, because it’s not under their hand, because unless villagers decide it to end or remain no one can do anything.  

 As we have watched in the previous episode of it, that Anirudh met Bondita at a tailor’s shop and tried to make her understand. But Bondita stopped him by saying that there is no need to say anything because she is not in condition to hear anything. Meanwhile, she puts a gun on her head by saying that if he does not leave the place so she will shoot herself. After hearing this, Anirudh got trepidation and goes from there because he can not allow her to do anything wrong. So do not miss to watch it on Colors at 08:30 PM and for further details stay tuned with us. 



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