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Barrister Babu Written Update 15th September 2021 Episode: Upcoming Spoilers Alert


As you all know that the time has come for which not only Anirudh and Bondita but also the viewers were waiting for because finally Bondita and Anirudh are about to tie the knot but as usual their haters won’t let it happen because there is someone who will try his best to stop and ruing this wedding. In the previous episode, you watched that Bondita puts her two conditions saying she will only get the Haldi done if Anirudh agrees to it. However, Anirudh gets agrees to her both conditions.

Barrister Babu 15 9 2021

Tonight’s episode begins with, Anirudh coming to venue for the wedding, Thakumaa sees him along with all, she asks him about Chandrachur, he replies that he will bring Bondita, Chandrachur says he will bring her by liting the stool. He goes and brings her along with others. Anirudh gets excited to see her face, finally, she shows her face to him, both of them smile seeing each other after all it is the moment they were waiting for lone time. Both sit in Mandap meanwhile, she looks at Chandrachur’s leg and sees the wound, she asks him about that, he gets worried thinking that he is about to be exposed, he somehow manages to lie saying it is just a little scratch and there is nothing to be worried about it. Thakumaa also sees it and says Tapur to go and gets the medicine, he replies that he will aid it once the wedding happen.

Everyone asks him about his injury he replies that he will tell them after the wedding but right now this moment is important than his wound. He then says that he got this before but he does not want to spoil the wedding and the happy moment so he kept it hidden. Tupur takes him for aid. Trilochan comes to the couple and does their gathbandhan. Meanwhile, Anirudh stops him, he asks him “what happened now”. Everyone gets shocked when Anirudh says that this wedding can’t happen.

Trilochan asks him if he has idea what he is saying. He says that he did not complete the promise which he gave to Bondita. Trilochan asks him that which promise now. He looks at her and asks that it is 8 years old promise, she looks on, he asks if she remebers or not. Anirudh calls Bihari, he comes along with a huge mirror, Anirudh stands, he goes and gets the Barrister Robe, he shows it to Bondita, she looks at that and gets tear of joy, he makes her wear that and both looks at the mirror. The episode ends here, don’t forget to watch the complete episode tonight at the right time and stay tuned with us to get more updates.


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