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Barrister Babu Written Update 28th Sep 2021 Episode: Bondita Finds Out The Truth


The upcoming episode of Barrister Babu begins where plenty of strange things are coming to the fore but Bondita is getting confused because, she wants to understand everything but somewhere something is fishy. Meanwhile, she says that she needs to go deep because uncounted things have happened prior, therefore, she wonders about the makeup artist who came to kidnap her. At the same time, she says if he was Chandrachud so who healed his wound, because as far as she has concerned she made him injured brutally, and the wound was too deep.

Barrister Babu

At the same time, she recalls that Somnath helped Chandrachud in treatment hence, she goes and asks him everything, but he unleashes that he only heard his scream and as soon as he turns, he was not there only a pot was fallen down on the surface. Another side, Chandrachud’s funeral takes place where everyone is paying tribute to him, besides Tapur. Because she is standing away and keeps on gazing at his dead body angrily, spontaneously Bondita looks at her and understands that something is wrong with her. Bondita sees her gestures and wonders that her expressions indicate that she knows everything.

Extempore, the cloth is removed from his corpse because of wind till the knee and Bondita looks that wound scar is disappeared properly, and she gets doubt as well. Meanwhile, asks Somnath is it possible that a scar of a brutal wound can disappear, he disagrees by saying that skin takes time to heal itself and it’s impossible enough. But meanwhile, Somnath says that due to water and ice his wound would have cleared, so there is no need to think more about it. Bondita wonders that maybe he is saying right, because it’s nature, and no one can predict what kind of changes the human body can accept.

Then Bihari Babu beings Bondita in Tapur’s room and shows her burned saree which she gave her to wear on the day of their wedding. But she did not expect that she will find it in such a strange way, therefore she goes to Anirudh along with the Saree and informs him that she has solved the case. Because this evidence has said everything, even Anirudh gets shocked to see and tries to make Bondita understand, that she should not take Tapur to the court unless she is ready. So do not miss watching it on Colors at 08:30 PM and for further details stay connected with us.


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