Home Entertainment Bawara Dil 13th July 2021 Written Update: Sidhi Confronts Sarkar Again

Bawara Dil 13th July 2021 Written Update: Sidhi Confronts Sarkar Again


The latest episode of Bawara Dil begins with Mangala asks Soni to prepare chapatis for the dinner. She continuously guiding Soni about preparing Chappatis, but still, Soni gets offended. Mangala says Shiva did well by firing your tutor. Mangala says that she is seeking a perfect match for you for your wedding. Soni says that she wants to learn to speak fluent English like Sidhi before marriage. She says she wanted to learn French either. Mangala asks if Sidhi knows speaking French.

Just then a courier arrived at Shiva’s house and Sidhi is about to receive it but Shiva stops her. He goes to take the parcel and the courier boy asks Shiva to sign the paper. Shiva tries to read the paper, but he can’t help himself. Sidhi is watching everything and call Sonal there and asks her to receive the parcel by signing it. Soni reads and signs, she says it is for me, she opens it and finds books in it. She tries to read the heading but fails. She sadly tells Sidhi that she can’t even read it. Sidhi encourages her that she will soon. Shiva is about to leave when Sonal asks where is she going. Sidhi says let him go as he has some party work.

Bawara Dil Written Episode

Shiva is recalling how Ishwar taunt him when he asked a tutor for Sonal about kidnapping his daughter. He then remembers when Sidhi interrogates Akka Bai about the accident and starts punching the bag, Sidhi seeing him that he is hurting his fist. He feels pain just then and Sidhi comes to him and cares for his wound, but Shiva says that he has to go for party work and leaves. Sidhi looks at him in shock. Shiva and Jalwa there are waiting for her at her house. At the same time, Bhavin comes and tells him that Akka Bai doesn’t want to meet them.

Shiva thinks that she must be angry due to the press conference, but he still waits for her. Bhavin again comes there and asks them to come tomorrow. Just then Sarkar comes there and asks him to bring some Saree and Sweets for Sidhi and Soni as he is heading up to something. Later, Shiva comes home along with Kiran, Soni’s new tutor. Sidhi gets elated but Mangala says we don’t need her here. Later, Sarkar comes to Shiva’s house and sees Sonal studying with Kiran.

Sarkar fumes and throws the books away, but Sidhi catches them at the right time. Meanwhile, Shiva comes there, Sarkar says to Sidhi that she slapped in front of everyone but still he is here to apologise. He then tries to get close to Sonal, but Sidhi notices it and stands in front of Sonal. Mangala goes to Shiva and asks him to tell Sidhi to move away. Sidhi looks at Shiva denies it, Shiva is angry with Sonal but happy to see Sidhi is taking a stand for Sonal. Tune in to Colors Tv at 9:30 PM for the new episodes and stay connected with Social Telecast for Bawara Dil Written Update.


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