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Bawara Dil 15th July 2021 Written Update: Sidhi and Shiva Argument ends Gratefully


In the latest episode of Bawara Dil, Kiran is studying Sonal and the class get finished. Sonal apologised to Kiran for what all happened today. At the same time, Sidhi comes there and appreciates Kiran, He asks her to don’t humiliate him and leaves from there. Sidhi then asks Sonal to tell everything to Yashwanth, but Sonal refuses somewhere. Sidhi says we have to keep this problem under our thumb. Sarkar there goes to Akka Bai and express her consent to marrying Sonal. Akka Bai was shocked to hear Sarkar’s words.

Sidhi takes her bangle off, while taking it off, one of her bangles get broken. She thinks that this is a sign of an omen and something bad is on its way. Akka Bai there suggested Sarkar going on a vacation to Bangkok, it would be good for you and leaves from there. Sarkar thinks that even her mother isn’t listening to him, he has to do something to gain a reputation among Shiva’s family members. Shiva goes to Sidhi and tells her that her mother is here to meet you. Shiva noticed her hand and asks what happened to her hand. Sidhi tells that she got it from a broken bangle.

Bawara Dil Written Episode

Malini meets Sidhi’s in-laws and says that she comes here to invite all of you to the Gondal function. Mangala taunts Malini for Sidhi’s mark sheet. Sidhi comes and says that Shiva burnt my mark sheet, but at the same time Shiva comes with a duplicate mark sheet and shows it to Malini. She then tells them about the function, Shiva says that he has some business to finish first, he can’t come. But Yashwant says we will definitely attend the function. Sidhi talks to Malini and asks about her well-being. Sidhi then says that she will try to come to the celebration. Malini smiles and leaves.

Shiva and Sidhi again get into an argument, Shiva noticed Sidhi’s wound and bandages her forcefully. He says you think I am responsible for anything wrong happen here. Shiva is about to leave but just then power cut takes place, Shiva gets scared and hold Sidhi firmly. Sidhi consoles Shiva. They both sit on the bed and Shiva says if you again try to insult me, Sidhi says if you taunt me anymore I will turn off the flash. Shiva scarily says no and pulls her closer. Tune in to Colors Tv at 9:30 PM and enjoy the complete episode. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest Bawara Dil Written Updates.


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