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Bawara Dil 24th June 2021: Siddhi Denies To Attend Pooja Written Episode


In today’s episode of Bawara Dil, we are going to watch, the inspector tells us that there is no stronger evidence against Ishwar so we have to release him. Sidhi thanks the inspector. Narpat comes there and thinks that he again missed the chance to win over Sidhi’s trust. Sidhi returns house and sees Ishwar sadly. Sidhi asks how this all happened, Narpat comes after her. Malini asks that I had called you continuously but you didn’t attend any of them. Just then Akka Bai comes to Sidhi’s house and assures Ishwar that nothing will happen to him. Sidhi glares at her while Akka Bai taunts Narpat.

Bawara Dil 24th June 2021: Siddhi Denies To Attend Pooja Written Episode

Ishwar and Narpat get into a sarcastic argument and try to let each other down. Narpat fumes and leaves from there. While leaving Narpat says that he will surely come in her Vaat Savitri Pooja. Ishwar tells Sidhi that Sagar never listens to him. This time again he warned that woman and she files a complaint against us. Ishwar says that Sagar always let him down in front of others. Ishwar says that he is quite grateful to her as you assisted me in getting freed from jail. Akka Bai says I knew how to get them back.

Sidhi goes to her house and sees posters of Shiva along with Akka Bai. She also finds herself in the poster. She bemused seeing the caption of Sidhi and Shiva will perform veneration in the temple together. Sidhi fumes seeing the poster just the see noticed Sagar in the middle of the way. She calls her and scolds him for what he did. But Sagar lies to Sidhi and says all this happened because of Shiva. Sagar inwardly thinks that he lied to Sidhi but what happens when Sidhi comes to know about the truth.

Shiva tells Jalwa it would be impossible to call Sidhi in veneration. He says that I had to talk to Akka Bai regarding this, but Jalwa says Akka Bai well known for keeping her words. Shiva goes to Akka Bai and tells her that Sidhi won’t present in tomorrow’s worship. Akka Bai tells Shiva everything about Ishwar and tells him to bring Sidhi in the pooja. Shiva goes home and Sidhi angry with her for posters and the property matter. Shiva later asks her to come in veneration as Akka Bai asks him to bring in Pooja. But Sidhi denies attending the veneration. The episode ends, stay connected with Social Telecast for Bawara Dil Written Update.


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