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Bawara Dil 8th July 2021 Written Episode: Bai Brings Clothes For Sidhi


In the recent episode of Bawara Dil, we have watched that Shiva and Sidhi are arguing. Shiva sees her and Sidhi asks if she wants to say anything. Shiva says that Akka Bai invited them for the dinner. Sidhi says that we much accept her invitation and will maintain her respect for sure. Shiva nods and leaves, just the Vijiya comes there and asks if she is calling her. Sidhi says that she is going to figure out the real face of that Akka Bai with this meeting. Shiva and Sidhi leave for Akka Bai’s house.

Bawara Dil 8th july episode

Mangala along with Vailash is already at Akka Bai’s house. Mangala tells Vailash that Sarkar didn’t says us a word. Vailash asks her to return home now, but just then they see Sidhi and Shiva there. They get hide seeing them and wonder why they are here. Vailash says they must come at Akka Bai’s invitation. Mangala ponders why she invited them. Vailash says we will get to know about that soon. Akka Bai there welcomes Shiva and Sidhi, Shiva takes her blessing. Bai asks them to grab their seat. Sidhi praised her for this respect.

Akka Bai replies that it is my pleasure to serve you as you are the daughter in law of mine. Akka Bai then comes to the point and tells him that whatever happened should not have happened. She says that now it is clear that Sarkar wasn’t at fault, but what his humiliation he had to face because of Sidhi. Shiva says that he will apologise for that, but Sarkar and Sidhi both refuse at the same time. Akka Bai says that justice would be served and asks Shiva to slap Sidhi in front of everyone. Shiva shocked to hear this and falls to Bai’s feet and says he can’t do this.

Sidhi there is thinking about Jalwa’s words that Bai’s words are like order for Shiva. Bai stunned that Shiva denies her words for the first time. She sits along with Shiva and manipulates the things. Shiva and Sidhi leave from there, Sidhi thanks Shiva to keep her respect in front of everyone. Bhavin comes to Bai and says that you are losing control of Shiva. Bai fumes hearing this. Later Akka Bai is going somewhere in her car and noticed Sidhi on her way. She splashes mud on Sidhi’s face and looks at Sidhi. Sidhi angrily sees her, Bai teased her and apologise to her. The episode ends with Bai throws tissues and asks Sidhi to clean them she doesn’t like stains at all. Get further Bawara Dil Written update here at Social Telecast.


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