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Bawara Dil Latest Written Update: Mangala Steals Siddhi’s idol 29-6-2021 Episode


In the first scene of Bawara Dil, we will watch that Shiva gives food to Sidhi says you haven’t eaten anything. He further says along with I haven’t eaten anything. He asks her to take a bite otherwise, I will get dizzy like you. Sidhi laughs and Shiva smiles at her. Just then Vijya calls Sidhi and Sidhi came to know that she is dreaming. Vijya gives her food and asks her to eat as she hasn’t eaten anything since yesterday. Sidhi unhappily sees the food and recalls her dream. Just then Shiva comes to Vijya and asks if Sidhi eat anything. Vijya tells her that she gave her food, Shiva leaves.

Bawara Dil Latest Written Update: Mangala Steals Siddhi's idol 29-6-2021 Episode

Siddhi is about to take a bite when Shive enters the room, Sidhi left the bite and moves her eyes. Sidhi asks Shiva if she appreciates him, Shiva asks for what. Sidhi replies that you assist me in completing my fast. She further says but then I realized that you did all this just for Akka Bai. She praised her as a dedicated party worker and says his party is going to win the election for sure. Just then Jalwa calls Shiva and informs him about the success of the veneration. Shiva eats Sidhi’s leftover food.

Yashwanth comes and brought gifts for everyone, he gives gifts to everyone. Soni asks if he doesn’t bring a gift for Sidhi. Yashwanth says perhaps he forgot, Sidhi gets disappointed and about to leave from there when Yashwanth stops her. He calls Shiva too and gives them idols of God and Goddess to them in hope that their quarrel will be solved. Sidhi leaves from there and Shiva comes behind her and sees that the eye mask he gave to Sidhi is in the dustbin and Sidhi is sleeping tying cloth on her eyes.

Shiva asks why this mask in the dustbin, Sidhi taunts him that now her eyes aren’t infected but her eyes are open now. She asks him to stop this fake care and sleeps. Shiva leaves from there angrily. While Yashwanth is praying for Sidhi and Shiva relationship, Shiva comes to him and asks him to don’t get much bothered for us. The next morning, Shiva is about to leave with Shiva whereas Mangala steals Sidhi’s idol. The episode ends with this, never miss any Bawara Dil Written update, stay connected with Social Telecast.


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