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Bawara Dil Today’s Written Update Of 22-6-2021: Akka Bai Invites Siddhi To Pooja


Sidhi is sobbing and thinking about her destiny, she thinks why all these are happening to me. She remembers the doctor’s words about Ishwar that his heart is still in a fragile condition. She decides to stay back along with Shiva for some more time for her father’s sake. The next morning, Sidhi calls Malini and informs her that she is bringing breakfast for them. Mangala comes to her and asks about his father. She asks her to decide to get separated from Shiva. Mangala says that you have to end this marriage soon.

Bawara Dil Today's Written Update Of 22-6-2021: Akka Bai Invites Siddhi To Pooja

Mangala then asks about Shiva, Sidhi replies that he hasn’t come home since night. Mangala says that isn’t coming home just because of you. Sidhi looks on. Sidhi replies that she knows she would be glad to see me going out of this house. But Mangala says that she can even throw her out of this house within no time. Sidhi avoids her and goes to the hospital. She meets Malini and asks about Ishwar. Malini informed her that he has been shifted for VIP treatment organized by Shiva. Malini says we are looking at Shiva in the wrong way, he is a gem.

Sidhi goes to meet Ishwar and sees that he is laughing along with Shiva. Sidhi goes to him, Ishwar tells him that Shiva has lots of jokes he is dying of laughter. He says I am even feeling better with his jokes. Shiva appreciates Shiva and says that he has done so much for us. Shiva says that he hasn’t done anything it is his duty towards them. Sidhi asks Ishwar about his well-being, Ishwar says I have a daughter like you and a son-in-law like Shiva nothing will happen to him. Sidhi leaves from there.

Sidhi goes to Shiva and says that you are doing all these just for gaining the ground for your party. But Shiva doesn’t give her a reply and leave from there. Sagar meets Shiva and apologises to him for the video. He then shares his house problems. Shiva asks you better tell me all this earlier. But just then Bhavin informs Shiva that Akka Bai is calling him. Shiva says tells Sagar that he will solve his problem. Shiva goes to Akka Bai and asks Shiva to bring Sidhi in veneration. She wants to show her strong relationship to the entire village. Get the complete episode on Colors at 10:30 PM today. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for Bawara Dil Written Update.


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