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Bawara Dil Written Update 16th July 2021 Today’s Episode: Ishwar Invites Akka Bai For Gondal


The first sequence of Bawara Dil opens with Sarkar comes to Akka Bai and tries to provoke her against Shiva. Sarkar says that Shiva has changed now, he is not like he used to be. His loyalty is getting diminishing for you. He says he doesn’t obey her and even failed in controlling her wife. Sarkar says that he has had an idea to keep Shiva under his thumb. Sidhi there goes to grab Gondal festival stuff. Kiran unintentionally touches Sonal’s hand while picking up a pen and smile at each other. Just then Shiva reaches there and misunderstood the situation.

Bawara Dil Written Update 16th July 2021 Today's Episode: Ishwar Invites Akka Bai For Gondal

Shiva yells at Karan and says he already asks you to be within your limit. Kiran tries to justify himself, but Shiva didn’t listen to him at all. Shiva humiliates Kiran and throws him out of the house and even throws money on his face and say you can leave now. Just then Sidhi comes there and shouts at Shiva for such behaviour. She says every time I try to find something good in you but you always prove me wrong. Sidhi clears Shiva’s doubts and says you were wrong. Shiva recognises that he committed a huge mistake.

Sidhi says that she will call Kiran tomorrow again and no one will disturb him, Shiva says that he doesn’t think that he will come after such disrespect. Meanwhile, Jalwa comes there and Sidhi reprimands him for coming late. Jalwa says he was about to leave when Sarkar called him. Sarkar, there is continuously instigating Akka Bai against Shiva and asks her to call Shiva to clear the things. Sarkar put on Pagdi and sees himself in the mirror. Shiva comes to Akka Bai, she asks Shiva to support Sarkar in the election. Shiva gets agree even after recalling what he did to Sonal.

Sidhi calls Kiran but he didn’t attend the call, Sidhi informs Sonal that it was all planned by Sarkar. Sidhi thinks about how to convince Kiran now. Kiran tells Ishwar that he wants to return to his village, meanwhile, Shiva comes there. Sidhi came to know that Shiva goes to meet Kiran, she gets worried and rushes there. As Sidhi reached there sees Kiran is falling down and  Shiva staring at him. Sidhi again lashes at Shiva for misbehaving Kiran, but she misunderstood the situation either. Shiva asks Kiran to resume his job. Kiran says Shiva didn’t do anything wrong anyone can respond in the same way.

Shiva taunts Sidhi that she forgets her own lesson, Sidhi finished the topic and leaves. Sarkar there is still planning to let Shiva down in front of Akka Bai. Ishwar and Malini then go to Akka Bai to invite her. Akka Bai says she will try to come there, but if she doesn’t manage to come then Sarkar comes to her place. The episode ends and stay tuned with Social Telecast for more Bawara Dil Written Update.


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