Home Entertainment Bawara Dil Written Update 30-6-2021: Mangala Fixes Shiva’s Alliance In Today’s Episode

Bawara Dil Written Update 30-6-2021: Mangala Fixes Shiva’s Alliance In Today’s Episode


The latest episode of Bawara Dil starts along with Mangala steals Sidhi’s idol and hide it in her cupboard. At the same time, Vijya comes there to ask for food, but Mangala tells her to go away. She hides the idol in Vailash’s cupboard, she asks Mangala to take it to the temple without letting anyone know. Vailash says if Shiva gets any hint about what we are doing then we have to face the danger. But Mangala consolidates her and tells her to do what she says. Mangala calls for Shiva’s alliance. Mangala says she will throw Sidhi out of this house anyhow.

Bawara Dil Written Update 30-6-2021: Mangala Fixes Shiva's Alliance In Today's Episode

Shiva is going out of the house for some work and asks Soni if she needs anything. But Soni doesn’t give her a proper reply and asks him to leave. Shiva tries to talk to her but she leaves. Shiva angrily looks at Sidhi and says all this is happening because of you. Just the Yashwant comes to Sidhi and asks for sewing stuff. Yashwant notices Rukmini’s idol but doesn’t get Vitthal’s idol. Sidhi stunned and replies that she keeps it here only. Sidhi starts looking for the idol and Mangala comes to her point and says Sidhi doesn’t have any respect for Yashwant.

Mangala asks where is her idol, Sidhi again doubts Shiva and says she knows where it is. She calls Shiva and asks where is the idol. Shiva says he doesn’t understand what is he saying. He says he is swamped in his work so better leave him alone. Yashwant tries to calm her down and asks her to don’t worry. Sidhi says that idol means a lot to me and I will find out it anyhow. Shiva there informs his men that he has to leave for home early today.

Sukanya along with her parents come to Shiva’s home, her parents meet at Mangala. Mangala started boasting off in front of them. Sukanya’s father says that they agree with the alliance just want Shiva’s consent. Sidhi is aghast seeing this and drop the cup. Sukanya asks if she is a servant, Sidhi nods yes and leaves from there. Sidhi is crying in the leave when Mangala comes and rubs salt on Sidhi’s wound. Sidhi says if she and Shiva don’t have a problem with the alliance she is happy for both of you. The episode ends, never miss any Bawara Dil Written Update, stay connected with Social Telecast.


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