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Baylor Irving Officer Involved Shooting Watch CCTV Footage Video Suspect Name Images


The entire Irving, a Texas province is going through an atmosphere of great terror since a tragic incident took place at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center on 29th June 2022 which left almost everyone in deep shock, as no one had even assumed that a patient could do something worst to such an extent. Yes, you heard right, a police officer of Irving province was involved in the frightening shooting at the medical center, who later tried to arrest the defaulter along with the other officers and took him into custody. So below you could get everything you need to know along with some untold facts.

Baylor Irving Officer Involved Shooting

As per the exclusive reports or sources, the defaulter initially tried to escape from the hands of police officers, and therefore he pointed a gun at them too after killing another patient who was lying on the bad for the treatment. This is the reason, the officers had to shoot him as the circumstances were turning into worsened, and therefore, before its too late they shot him to death. Even a few are appreciating the courage of concerned authorities as they did not take the chance with the other lives who were available in the medical center for various reasons.

What Happened At Baylor Scott & White Irving hospital?

Reportedly, after the incident, concerned authorities shared a tweet through their official handle as they were receiving many calls from the side of people for their safety. Through the tweet they wrote that “There is no threat to the community as the prime suspect has been passed away” so therefore, no one needs to be worried a bit ahead.

After hearing the news uncounted got a sigh of relief because no one had any idea who was his next target because once a culprit is always a culprit and a criminal like him deserves this kind of treatment, as the police gave him.

Later, the concerned authority recorded the statement of a nurse who was serving her duties at the time of the incident, as said that ” when she was passing the room of a patient she spontaneously noticed a handgun, and therefore, without any ado she decided to make the hospital management team and police acquainted with the circumstances,  therefore, she went to ask for the help before its too late”. This is what is said by her during the interrogation session, so here we have dropped such details and when more will come out we will update you.


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