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BB Jodigal Today’s Latest Episode 31st July 2021 Written Update & Spoiler Alert


Bigg Boss’s previous season’s all participants got the golden opportunity to showcase their talent in the dancing reality show for the same name with an ad on Bigg Boss Jodigal which is also known as BB Jodigal where all the contestant pairs perform to impress judges through their dancing performances. However, the previous episode has given a very impressive performance to the audience and judges as well but the environment of fun got affected when Vanitha gets into an argument with judge Ramya Krishnan and the argument spoiled the fun of the episode.

BB Jodigal

In the 9th episode of the first season of the show, there will be some more amazing and powerpack dancing performances that will force you to groove with them. No doubt that all the performances are going to fill your watch time with great enthusiasm and tickling comedy. As the competition is getting tougher as compare to before, so, therefore, all the pairs are trying their best to grip their position in the battle. The show is managing itself to be on the TRP list and for this makers of the show are presenting better from one another themes and concepts to make it more entertaining and to make it audience stick to the screen.

In the latest episode, there will be more fun along with the all-dancing performances. In the previous episode, you have watched, that when Vanita came to perform with her completed dressed and prepared performance, she dances and her performance sets the stage on fire. However, her performance makes everyone happy but when it comes to the judgment she did not get what she was expecting. Judge Ramya Krishnan praises her dresses and the complete look but soon starts to criticize her performance saying it was not up to the mark and this offends her later she gets into an argument with Ramya. She says that everyone has their own way to dance so in this you can’t criticize someone and she gave her best and if they are saying this, they are not even to move their body on this, she adds later.

Well, apart of all the controversies and fights there is only one thing that is called entertainment and fun which is coming to your screen tonight for sure. So watch the complete episode tonight at the right time on your favorite television channel Star Vijay. Stay tuned with us to catch all the latest updates.


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