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(BB16) Bigg Boss 14th January 2023 Episode Written Update: Eviction Begins and Nomination Votings


Hello, all the Bigg Boss 16 lovers, finally we are back with exclusive updates of your favorite and highly controversial TV reality show, as the Saturday, 14th January 2023 episode is bringing high voltage drama along with some unexpected activities which will everyone make feel amazing. Because finally the family week has ended and all contestants have met their favorite ones, and got the strength to survive ahead in the show, but now the episode will lead the evictions too as the journey of the contestant is going to get over. Below you can explore further information along with the exact voting results.

BB16 Bigg Boss 14th January 2023 Episode Written Update

Bigg Boss 14th January 2023 Written Update

The recent episode begins, where Bigg Boss announces the quite shocking eviction amid the episode which is going to take place first time in the 16 seasons of the show, better called the history in the Bigg Boss. As Bigg Boss announces the unexpected eviction of Abdu Rozik while asking him to come out from the exit. Because his journey ends here and asks everyone to drop him there while enjoying the last moments of his presence in the show. Initially, everyone gets shocked and takes it normally, but it is a truth and not a matter of taking it as a joke.

Simi Grewal Continues Rendezvous?

Meanwhile, Abdu Rozik meets everyone especially Shiv and Nimrit as the two are close to his heart, and not see them cry thus, he goes to them and says goodbye, and then one by one meets to each contestant while saying them best of luck for the finale as only a few days are left in the finale and they will come out to meet him. Everyone requests Bigg Boss to change the decision as they want Abdu in the house, but Bigg Boss says that it is a show and has a format so therefore, let him go now as his journey has ended here.

Later, Simi Grewal continues her legendary show “Rendezvous” with host Salman Khan where she asks him a few questions regarding his journey in the glam industry and Bigg Boss show. She asks that at what kind of problems he faces during the hosting on the stage and his life. He replies that contestants are creating stuff inside and dealing with it the way they want, but his entire life is a challenge for him as he faced multiple problems. So do not miss streaming the show on Colors TV and for more details stay tuned with us, and do follow Social Telecast.


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