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(BB16) Bigg Boss 25th December 2022 Episode Written Update: Eviction Day & Today’s Tasks


Today we are going to share some information about Bigg Boss season 16 which is mostly known as Bigg Boss: Game Badlega, Kyunki Bigg Boss Khud Khelega! is the 16th season of this show. This show is hosted by Salman Khan and the Guest host of this show is Karan Johar. This show generates a massive amount of fan following around the world and there are lots of questions raised for today’s episode. We are going to discuss the leaked information collected by the social media pages and the sources and mention the information below the article.

BB16 Bigg Boss 25th December 2022 Episode Written Update

Bigg Boss 25th December 2022 Episode

This episode will be fully liked by their fans and the viewers because Abdu is coming back to this show and everyone express their love for him. There is an announcement made that states Abdu is coming back again to the BB house and everyone becomes too much happy. Everyone is running for taking Abdu from the gate and hugging him with fully pure hearts. Then he went with his friend and tell him ‘I miss you bro you are my big brother’. This episode is very liked by their fans and the fans of Abdu because he is coming to the show.

There is also a rumor circulating about the reaction of fans after leaving Ankit, He was out of this show. This news getting too much attention because everyone wants to know what is the reaction of their fans to this news. The reason he’s leaving the show is also not coming forward and not revealed but this is shocking news for the BB fans. Priyanka was getting emotional about his leaving the show and there are also contestants emotional about this decision.

We can also see the arguments between both best friends where we can see that the female best friend explores the male best friend teaching her how to get a boyfriend in this episode where his male best friends teach her. This episode contains two faces one shows an episode full of love and the second one shows emotions but this episode is much more interesting than the others. This show is broadcast from Monday to Friday at 10:00 pm and Saturday to Sunday at 9:00 pm and there are lots of people who always enjoy this show. This show is airing on Colours TV and this season began on 1 October. This episode will be also liked by the people and completely loved by their fans.


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