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(BB4) Bigg Boss Marathi 17th December 2022 Episode Written Update: Vikas Sawant Argues Kiran


Hello, all the Bigg Boss Marathi Season 04 enthusiasts, finally the weekend is here along with the “weekend ka vaar” episode, where the host Mahesh Manjrekar will correct the housemates for the mistakes they have done during the tasks and roaster days activities. So that, they could not make the same exploit again in the show because these activities affect their game and fan following as well. So this is the reason, he comes to make themselves aware of their mistakes so that, they can improve them. So below you can explore further information you need to know.

BB4 Bigg Boss Marathi 17th December 2022 Episode Written Update

Bigg Boss Marathi 17th December 2022 Episode Written Update

The recent episode begins where Pushkar and Sonalee enter the Bigg Boss house to promote their upcoming movie “Victoria” and if someone especially a celebrity comes inside the BB house so they normally bring the games as well. Something similar is brought by the two as they execute the game while asking housemates to participate where they will come and tie the chains in the swimming pool and try their best to come out of that before their opponent because the game is turning a bit complicated as everyone tries to win it earlier the opposition no matter what while it is not related to any task.

As soon as the task commences, Vikas Sawant and Kiran Mane have a face-off and spontaneously an ugly argument takes place between the two during the task, as they are not ready to accept their flaws and continuously put the blame on each other because of the way they are playing the task is quite amazing. Then rest of the contestants make them cool down while separating so that, the episode can go ahead while hitting the headlines to such an extent. Then Akshay Kelkar and Aroh Welankar save Apurva Nemlekar and Amrita Deshmukh, and this also turns out as the cause of their fight.

The makers, have recently dropped a few promos officially through which you will get the chance to watch those activities which are going to take place in the show. Because still, a few hours are pending in the broadcasting and thus, you will need to wait a bit ahead as long as the episode takes place as still a few hours are left in the broadcasting and you will receive the episode. So here we have mentioned such details which will make your work a bit comfy, stay tuned with us to know more.


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