Home Entertainment Ben Gillis Car Crash Update: Mother Pays Tribute After Richill’s Accident

Ben Gillis Car Crash Update: Mother Pays Tribute After Richill’s Accident


Today we are going to share some shocking news with you. This news is viral on the internet vastly. A famous footballer has passed away. Yes, you can hear right. Ben Gillis has passed away. This news is extremely heartbreaking for everyone. You are thinking about that when this incident happened. What happened with Ben Gillis? All their fans are getting shocked after hearing this news. We can clear your doubts. We have shared all the information with you about the Ben Gillis incident. Scroll up to read more information in detail.

Ben Gillis, the famous teenage Footballer. He passed away. This is extremely sad news for everyone. He was just 19 years old. He was a well-played footballer. He was a very talented son of Colin and Lynne. He studied at Tandragee High School. He played football when he was little. All of their friends and are family depressed after hearing this painful news. This news is unexpected news for everyone. We lost our future football player. He was a player for the Hanover Football Club. All their fans posted pictures in memory of him on social platforms. He was an inspiration for every beginner. But he was no more.

Mother Pays Tribute After Richill’s Accident

Ben Gillis Car Crash

He was the only child in his family. This is a very critical situation for his mother. She lost his child in a car crash. No one has no idea about this incident. Ben Gillis’s mother posted his picture on Facebook last night. She wrote some painful thoughts on his picture. She wrote that On a beautiful evening, she lost Ben Gillis peacefully.

We tribute to his painful quotes. This is such a sad incident faced by her mother. Her mother prays for his son, and may his soul rest in a piece. She lost his young son. All the people love him a lot. The people love his style of playing football.

Ben Gillis Car Crash Update

Ben Gillis Car Crash Update

According to the information, the police investigation is happening in this case. The accident area is sealed by the police. Police said that this incident happened on 16th April, Sunday at Marlacoo Road. They also cleared the accident that happened with a blue Mercedes A-Class at around 5:30 pm. After the accident, the people took him to the hospital.

The doctor admitted him to ICU. The police inform their parent about his accident. The doctor gave their best medical treatment to him but Ben Gillis passed away. We wish that his soul rests in peace. Here we can share all the information with you about Ben Gilis’s car crash accident. Follow for more updates.


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