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Bengaluru: 36 Years Old Man Dies of Electrocution While Crossing Hosur Road Video


Today I’m going to share some bad news with you. This news is viral on the internet very vastly. This news has come from Kerala. A man lost his life in an incident. He is just 36 years old. He died from an electrical shock. He comes back home from his work. Suddenly, they face this accident. They have no idea about this. Their family is in critical condition after hearing this news. He was the only bread earner for his family. Their family has no idea this was happing to them. This is incident was so shocking for everyone.


According to the reports, The man was returned back to their home. On Tuesday late at night. This accident happened in Thrissur in Kerela on Hosur road. The men were crossing the road at night. And suddenly, they were hit by an electric current. All the people were united when they saw the man was hit by an electric shock. In this crowd a one-man call the police and ambulance also. They check died man’s phone and call their home to inform his family. All their family member comes to the incident area. And they saw they were dead on the spot.

Man Dies of Electrocution

According to the information, their family carried his body home. Police do an investigation on the incident area. Police identified the victim. His name was Akbar Ali. They come on 10th April to the city. They come for buying his phone’s part. They have no idea they lost his life today. On the day of the accident. He was drunk that night. They didn’t even realize it. At, midnight he was wandering near the Indian Oil Fuel station. He wants to cross Hosur Road and he was drunk. He touches the electric pillar on the Divider. And it will be a very strong blow. They died from this eclectic current on the spot.

According to the Poice, this case is registered at a police station. A case has been registered of unnatural death. The investigation was going on in this case. We feel so bad after hearing this news. This family was in a depression His family lost a member. We wish god bless their family. The government gives some financial support to their family and they also prepare the electric pole. Because he was the only bread earner for his family. We can share all the information with you. Follow for more updates.


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