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Bengaluru Saree Sale Video Viral: Hair Pulling And Slaps


Today we are going to share some interesting news with you. This news is viral on the internet vastly. This news comes from Bengaluru. The news is in the Bengluru’s saree shop, slaps free. The video of this incident has now become viral vastly on social media. All of us are thinking is this true? Really this happened in Bengaluru.  What was the reason behind this incident? Are people follow this trend? Why a shopkeeper did this? What is the meaning of free slap? We can clear your doubts. We have shared all the information below. Scroll up to read more in detail.

Nowadays people all the time active on social media. We see a lot of things like this on social platforms. But this incident happened in the saree shop. The video is captured on CCTV footage. This is really a bad incident. In this video, you will see a saree shop. The saree shop announces the sale. The ladies gathered in the shop for the shopping. All women are buying saree at a heavy discount. Everything was normal at the saree shop for a while. Every woman was busy buying a saree at a heavy discount. But there was so much crowd in the saree shop.

Bengaluru Saree Sale Video Viral

The saree sale is very well. The shopkeeper gave a discount on the Mysore Silk saree. This is really a piece of good news for women. After that, You will see this video. The two women. They both are also buying a saree for her. They choose the same saree. Because they both are like the same saree. All of you know nowadays no one has patience. They never think that they are in a public place. This is really a shameful incident.

Bengaluru Saree Sale Video

After that, both women start arguing about buying the same saree. And suddenly they both start fighting with each other. They both started pulling each other’s hair. And soon a fight started between them. All the people who were in that saree shop tried to stop the fight between women. During this fight the people faced problems. This is such a bad thing that they both women have done. This incident was captured on CCTV and the video of this women’s fight become viral vastly on social media. People are making fun of this video. Here we have shared all the information about this incident. Follow for more updates.


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