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Benjamin Mendy French Footballer Remanded In Custody After Several Rape Charges


A very famous french footballer who usually plays left-back in France National Team and also Manchester City got suspend from the club after being charged with four counts of rape and one count of sexual assault. A British Court took the football player in custody on Friday. The news got hype in a very short time and no doubt as the player is one of the well-known players so the hype was just expected. You must be keen to know what happened with him and who alleged him for rape?

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Well, the rape allegations against him were made by three women and one of the ladies is just 18 years old. According to the reports, the allegations against him are not new or based on recently happened incidents but are from between October 2020 to August 2021. The entire case was assigned to Chester Crown Court by Jack McGarva (Judge), and as per the reports, the French footballer will appear in court on the 10th of September. The football club Manchester City has suspended the player after seeing the three counts of Rape, which includes rape in October 2020, another is a sexual assault of a woman in 2021 January and another rape of a lady this month August 2021, these are the three cases which he found accused of but another bad news for his fans is, Mendy has also charged on Thursday for breaking his bail conditions in the current month.

Keeping an eye on all the situation and also to avoid jeopardizing, people were said not to do comments on him until any justification on the case because any kind of comment or just public views can turn the case in another direction, and the case can catch more heat because the rape cases seem to be so sensitive so the court has to handle it very sensitively and that too with patience.

However, the football player has achieved so many tags in the field, and no doubt that he always made his audience around him but the club said that he will be suspended until the case gets close. In this situation, it is a deal to see that what will happen to him and how far will the case go. Stay tuned with us to get all the latest updates on Benjamin Mendy and other world news.


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