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Bessie Hendricks, America’s Oldest Person Dies At 115 In Lowa


America’s oldest person Bessie Hendricks has passed away at 115. She is the Iowa woman who became the oldest living person in the United States a year ago. Even though she has aged well and had lived a decent life, her sudden death has saddened many. Bessie was loved by a lot of people and this news has become one of the most discussed topics on the internet. Let us find out what happened to the woman and how did she die. Read the full article and get all the details related to it below.

Bessie Hendricks America's Oldest Person Dies At


America’s Oldest Person Bessie Hendricks Dies

As per reports, Bessie took her last breath on Thursday, January 5, 2022. The news was shared on social media and gained the attention of a lot of people. It is no doubt to say that her unfortunate death has become one of the most trending topics on the internet now as everyone is coming forward and paying him heartfelt tributes and respects. The matter has garnered a lot of attention from netizens who have been rushing to social media to pay their sincere respects. Her exact cause of death has not been shared by the family yet.

How Did Bessie Hendricks Die?

However, it is believed that she died of old-age-related health complications. Born on November 7, 1907, Hendricks taught at a one-room schoolhouse in her native Calhoun County. Sources claim that she was the mother of five children and that she outlived two of her children. When she had turned 112, Hendricks told the secret to her longevity. Revealing the secret, she said that one needs to work hard on their body both mentally and physically and needs to stay away from doctors. She further advised enjoying sweets and like a delicious piece of pie or slice of birthday cake.

Reports confirm that a funeral service for the oldest woman will be held at the Lamp and Powers Funeral Home in Lake City on January 7, 2022, at around 2:30 PM. Besides, a live stream will be available on the funeral home’s website, according to funeral director Dana Morris. Morris added that the funeral service will include people paying a tribute to Hendricks’ incredible life which includes readings of memoirs written by her deceased daughter. Let us tell you that Hendricks was not the first Iowan to hold the title of the oldest person in America as Dina Manfredini of Johnson lived the title in 2012. Follow Social Telecast for more updates and the latest news trending worldwide. Stay tuned!


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