Home Entertainment Bhagyalakshmi 15th July Latest Updates: Bhagya Hits Ishwari By Car?

Bhagyalakshmi 15th July Latest Updates: Bhagya Hits Ishwari By Car?


The coming episode will start with where Bhagya is learning driving but she gets fallen down at one point, trainer rebukes for enhancing speed without asking him. Meanwhile, assures her by saying that it’s normal to fall while learning to drive, at the same time, Ramamoorthy shares his terrific experience when he met a crocodile, but the god saves his life. Then Ishwari calls Ramamoorthy in the temple but he says that he will come to the temple when she will accept, that it was a crocodile, not wood but she says that it was wood.

Then Selvi and Ishwari both are arriving in the temple meanwhile, Selvi asks her everything is fine with her because she was suffering from leg pain. But Selvi that she id not feeling well, so she should take some rest, but Ishwari asks her to do worship properly without thinking more. Bhagya also sees Ishwari and gets scared hence, she enhanced speed and in hesitation she gets misbalanced. Ishwari’s flower bucket falls down and Selvi rebukes Bhagya for driving, the trainer also runs behind her but she stops the vehicle, Bhagya apologizes to them.

Bhagyalakshmi Written Episode

After that, Ishwari arrives restless while Jenny asks what happened, she reveals everything that how she tries to hit her with a vehicle. Ishwari scolds that lady meanwhile, she is also praying so that she can not get caught by her. Jenny also complains to Bhagya that someone tries to hit Ishwari, Sevi says a lady hit her with a flower bucket, and meantime, Ishwari rebukes Bhagya for not going with her. Even says to go and do her work Bhagya says that she knows her behaviour, and suddenly Selvi goes to Bhagya and informs her that Ishwari is telling her a lie.

Then Bhagya thanks God for helping her meanwhile, Gpoi makes a call to Bhagya and informs her that he s bringing his friend called Chadrashekher. He asks her to make the Gujarati type of dishes, and cut the call before listening to Bhagya, she gets in trouble. Another side, he reaches home and makes him friend familiar with his parent, even Bhagya is ready to make them believe that she is the owner of the Canteen. Therefore she needs to represent herself in the very finest way, then Jenny serves him tea, and Gopi introduces Jenny to him. So do not miss to watch it and for more details connect with us.


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