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Bharathi Kannamaa 2nd July 2021 Written Episode: Bharathi Decides To Shift America With Hema


The recent episode of Bharathi Kannamaa begins where Sumati complains that her daughter has done her best to make Hema’s life safe, but despite this, Bharathi still accusing her. Meanwhile, she says that there is only hatred in his heart so nothing can be expected from him. Then Lakshmi comes and asks Kannamma what happened, she assures her that there is no need to think more. Lakshmi expresses her feeling towards Kannamaa by saying that what will happen next because circumstances are overturning.

Another side, Anjali is getting tensed because yet Hema did not reach home and how would she inform Soundarya, that Akhil went out of the station. Then Bharathi brings Hema to his house, meanwhile, Anjali asks Soundarya about Hema’s condition. Then Venu says Hema is alive only because of Kannamaa, but Bharathi starred her and sends Hema to her room. At the same time, Bharathi is regretting to accuse Kannamaa and spontaneously sees that Hema is taking Kannamaa’s name while sleeping.

Bharathi Kannamaa

After a while, Bharathi starts packing his luggage and Hema gets Panic to see all this and rushes towards Soundarya and tells her everything. Spontaneously Soundarya starts interrogating him that why he is taking all decisions, individually without asking anyone else. Then Bharathi replies that he is not sending her America, she is going to Kannamaa’s house because she loves her more than him. Soundarya gets shocked because it was unexpected, and Anjali praises his decision.

Then Soundarya leaves Bharathi’s house along with Hema and he is crying alone and Hema also starts crying to see him. Then Bharathi tries to pretend happy in front of Hema but he could not stop his tears, and she rushes towards him and hugs him as well. An emotional atmosphere creates between a daughter and her father, and everyone gets happy to see them together and meanwhile, Bharathi says that she will never go anywhere to leave him no matter what happens.

Later, he asks her that now she agrees to accept his point of view or not, and says that here everyone is trying hard to make them separate. So it’s better if they shift in America because there is no one to interrupt them, and she gets convinced. Meanwhile, Bharathi asks Hema about her favourite person in the world, she takes his name from saying that she liked him a lot and never ready to leave him. So do not miss to watch it at the correct time and for more details connect with us.


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