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Bharathi Kannamaa Latest Written Episode 21st July 2021 Update: Soundarya Goes Against To Bharathi


The coming episode of Bharathi Kannamaa will start where Venu thanks Kannamaa for arriving to meet Hema, Kannamaa replies that there is no need to mention this. Meanwhile, says that she came here only for Hema at the same time, Anjali comes and hugs them. Kannamaa praises her for the changeover, suddenly Soundarya says that she has changed totally and if she will stay with her she will get everything. Extempore, Soundarya asks her about Lakshmi and she replies that Tulsi and sumati are there for her.

Bharathi Kannamma 21-7-2021

Then Tulsi brings Lakshmi to the hospital and Kannamaa gets shocked to see her and asks Tulsi that why she brought her here. She unleashes that Lakshmi impatiently wanted to meet Hema, suddenly Lakshmi asks Soundarya about Hema’s health. Soundarya replies that Kannamaa made her safe, In the meantime, she goes to meet Hema and both get glad to see each other. Soundarya gets emotional while recalling old stuff and at the same time, Hema informs Lakshmi that she is not going to America.

After hearing this, Lakshmi gets happy and informs Kannamaa but she asks her to stop hopping more about it. Because Bharathi is a moody guy and can take her America after her recovery, but Lakshmi denies her. Another side, Kumar appreciated Kannamaa for saving Hema’s life and Tulsi also agrees with him. Kannamaa says that she needed love because it’s the only medicine that can help her to normal soon, but Tulsi says that after seeing Kannamaa Hema’s happiness has no bounds.

Then Soundarya tries to feed Hema but she refuses to eat because she is finding Kannamaa, and says that she wants Kannamaa to make her feed. But Soundarya says that due to some urgency she had to go but do not worry she will come soon. Venu also says that once she will get happy then he will take her to the Kannamaa’s residence for sure. Then Doctor comes and checks her temperature and finds that she is having 102 degrees, but agrees to discharge her.

Then Bharathi asks how could he give them permission to take her back to the home meanwhile, Doctor interrupts him and says that he already informed them that her disease does not have any medicine besides Kannamaa’s love. After hearing this Venba thinks that everything is going out of her hands, at the same time, Venu asks Bharathi that why he left the place while talking. So do not miss streaming it at the correct time and for further details connect with us.


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