Home Entertainment Bharathi Kannamma 11th June 2021 Today Episode : Akhil Passes Derogatory Remarks

Bharathi Kannamma 11th June 2021 Today Episode : Akhil Passes Derogatory Remarks


The upcoming episode of Bharthi Kannamma starts where Akhil is standing beside the pool and meanwhile, Anjali comes there and starts interrogating him that why he is looking so exhausted. Then Akhil says that he wants to interrogate her that what is the reason behind this stuff, and he leaves the place. Then Anjali says that it’s a different problem because Venba is torturing Venu which is not appropriate. Then asks why he did not marry again Bharathi but he goes from there without saying anything.

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Then Parvathy and Archna are sitting in the Garden and she informs Archna that in her college a married student studies. Whose Married passed 4 years and still, she does not have any kid and still, she does not want to get pregnant but her husband is torturing her. Then Parvathy gets shocked and says that how can they help her, meanwhile, she wonders that why she is asking for that. But Archana overturns the topic while saying that she is just asking her by the way, and then thinks that Sandhya definitely knows an anti-pregnancy medicine.

After that, Venu tries to stop Akhil and shares whatever Venba told him and confesses his crime and informs that he decided to marry Bharathi. Then Akhil asks him about Kannamaa’s condition but Venu says that Bharathi will never ever change. But Akhil gets upset and screams that he will never ever let it happen at any cost, no matter what happens. Venu thinks about Venba while sitting alone and says that he is weak to make Bharthi’s family unite again, then Akhil and Anjali look at Venba and come close to her.

Then Akhil passes a derogatory remark by saying that Venba is taking care of Bharathi more than his parents. Venba complains that always he thinks that she is wrong so he will have to change his mentality. Meanwhile, says that she does not care about them but she cares about Bharathi, But Akhil keeps on taunting her. He calls Venba selfish and accuses Bharathi to favor her in bed works which is not appropriate. She agrees with all his points and says that she can not even assume someone is in Kannamma’s place.

Then Archana thinks that how she can Sivagami in the house because Parbathy warns her to keep her secret private and can unleash that at any cost, no matter what happens. Meanwhile, She threatens her that if she gives her money so it will keep secret otherwise Sivagami will get everything comprehensively. Archana shouts at her and meanwhile, Senthil comes there and she urges him to support her. Then Sravana’s family and Bharathi’s family say bye-bye to their family. So do not forget to watch it at the correct time and for further details connect with us.


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