Home Entertainment Bharathi Kannamma 15th July 2021 Written Episode: Soundarya Threats Bharathi

Bharathi Kannamma 15th July 2021 Written Episode: Soundarya Threats Bharathi


The upcoming episode begins where Soundarya informs Venu that she jas some more ideas to make Bharathi stop. Venu asks for elaboration but suddenly Bharathi comes downstairs along with Hema. Meanwhile, Soundarya hugs Hema and wonders that still, she is having a temperature and questions are going from her. Hema tries to console Soundarya by saying that she does not need to cry because she will be in touch with her by calling, she hugs Venu as well and advises him to pay some attention to business.

Then Hema hugs Anjali and says that she will miss them too and everyone is crying to see her going from there. Bharathi brings her in the car but she breaks down with tears, meanwhile, Bharathi asks Soundarya to stop this emotional behaviour. Because it will make Hema weak to leave them. Soundarya raises her question that she has all rights on her granddaughter and he can not stop her from that, because she only does not need a father she needs the entire family too.

Bharathi Kannamma Written Episode

After that, Bharathi says he knows very well that why she is doing all this and Soundarya says she will cross all limits to save her family. Venu also complains to him that he is not thinking about Doctor’s precautions as well which can be affected Hema’s health again. Even Anjali advises him that in anger do not take such decisions, which will prove wrong in the future. But he is sticking to his commitment at the same time, Doctor arrives there and informs him that Hema is not well for travelling.

But Bharathi keeps on saying that he will take care of her meanwhile, Soundarya retaliates to him by saying that when she was with him at that time she got kidnapped. At the same time, when he is not agreeing with them Soundarya warns him that if he does this, so she will take the entire family to the airport, and will accuse him that he is kidnapping Hema and taking her away from there. Bharathi says that he will show them documents but Soundarya says that she will demand the DNA test then.

Then she says that if he again shows his stubbornness so she will file the complaint against him, and Hema will come to know that he is not her real father. Meanwhile, she mentions that when Hema will interrogate him about her real father so what he will do. Bharathi says that he is ready to face all this because she is his daughter at the same time, Soundarya says that if he takes her away so she will take poison. So do not miss streaming it at the correct time and for further information stay connected with us.


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