Home Entertainment Bharathi Kannamma 15th June 2021: Hema Suffers From Disease Today’s Written Episode

Bharathi Kannamma 15th June 2021: Hema Suffers From Disease Today’s Written Episode


The recent episode of Bharathy Kannamma begins where Hema hugs Kannamma and cries a lot meanwhile, Bharathy notices everything and gets angry. Spontaneously Lakshmi makes Kannamma alert that Bharathy is coming, so Kannamma says that she can share her grief with Grandmother. Meantime, Bharathy tries to bring Hema with her but she is not considering her at all, Lakshmi questions Bharathy that what is the reason that she is transferring to Hema’s school. Then she unleashes the reason by saying that she wants to be a CEO hence.

Bharathi Kannamma 15th June 2021: Hema Suffers From Disease Today's Written Episode

Then Lakshmi says that there is no need to go to America to fulfil her dreams she can make the true to study here as well. Then Bharathy says that this place has been infected by the deadly virus and she does not want to see her daughter suffering from that. Then says that it’s up to her because everyone knows what would be beneficial for them in the future. Then Bharathy informs Hema that if she does not go with her so she will leave the place forever. Then Kannamma says that there is a need to share this with Soundarya, then they decide what to do.

After that, Shanthi reaches the home through Kumar’s auto, and he gives an amount to Kumar and meanwhile, says that he does not have any change in his hand. Then he notices Venba and says that she does not need money because of Bharathy, and he praises Bharathy as well. Another side, Vneba shares her happiness with Shanthi and meanwhile, she tries to make her inflame against Akhil & Anjali. Venba complains to her by saying please let her happy for 5 minutes and Akhil notices Hema that she has a fever and informs Soundarya.

Then Soundarya says that he does not understand the feeling of a small girl and says Hema is everything for Bharathi. Soundarya informs that Kannamma also transferred a school due to work, meanwhile, Venu interrogates her by asking why she is doing all this. Then Soundarya replies that because she wants to avoid the problem hence she is doing all this. Akhil says that whatever she is doing that all will affect the kids which are inappropriate enough. Then Hema asks Soundaya will Kannamma come to meet her, she assures that she will come for sure.

Then Tulsi advises Kannamma to take a good step in this matter because it can convert into a huge issue, so it’s better to deal with it. After a while, Sumati brings Vada for Kannamma and she asks about her husband. Sumati says that she needs to change her husband’s character, and meanwhile, says that she always seems tensed which is not good for her health. So do not miss streaming it at the correct time and for more updates stay connected with us.


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