Home Entertainment Bharathi Kannamma 16th June 2021 Written Episode: Venba Impresses Bharathi

Bharathi Kannamma 16th June 2021 Written Episode: Venba Impresses Bharathi


The episode begins where Shanthi pays attention towards Venba to getting ready in traditional attire. Meanwhile, Shanti comes to her and praises her beauty by saying that she is looking fantabulous in this dress. But spontaneously Shanthi raises a question and says that why she is doing all this, she replies that she wants to prove that she will not torture Hema after her marriage to Bharathy. Because she has a doubt on her which is inappropriate and says that this attire will help her to prove her correct.

Bharathi Kannamma 16th June 2021 Written Episode: Venba Impresses Bharathi

Then Soundarya meets Kannamaa and asks her about her health, and asks the reason they left the school. She tells a lie to her by saying that due to incapability she is having to leave it, But Soundarys stops her from telling her a lie because she knows that she has done all this due to Hema. Then Kannamma says that she can not solve other’s problems and if she does not create problems in their life, so it appropriate enough. Then Soundarya says that how many days it will be going on, she replies as much as possible.

After that, Soundarya makes her familiar that her entire life is pending ahead of her so please stop behaving like an elder. Lakshmi mentions that she is not thinking about her future, and interrogates her that they want to see old Kannamma who used to tackle all problems. Then Soundarya complains that due to Hema’s stubbornness she had taken this decision to shift her school. Then Kannamma asks her that what-al Venba has done with her, meanwhile, Soundarya handles the circumstances.

Then Bharathy expresses rage because it does not seem appropriate if Hema comes close to them, but Soundarya informs that she is quite happy to see Lakshmi and Hema close to each other. Lakshmi arrives there and hears that Hema is not feeling well and gets shocked to listen to her. Another side, Bharathi brings food for Venba and she arrives there and comes outside the car. Bharathy gets shocked to see her in traditional attire and praises her look as well.

Then Bharathy shares all conversation and accuses her family and they say that whys he is talking about Kannamma and Venba says that how could she stop them. Bharathy says that if she goes away so it will be beneficial for them but Venba keeps on thinking to stop her. Meanwhile, Akhil and Venu check Hema’s temperature because she is not feeling well and Anjali feed Hema and consoles her that her fever will reduce soon. So do not miss to watch it at the correct time and for more details connect with us.


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