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Bharathi Kannamma 25th June 2021 Written Episode: Bharathy Accuses Kannamaa To Kidnap Hema


The upcoming episode of Bharathi Kannamma begins where Bharathi expresses his rage by complaining to Soundarya, that Kannamaa is a real culprit who made his daughter hide. Meanwhile, says that how could have she helped her to get bailed and asks a question that what is the reason behind her love. She tries to console him by saying that it’s not the right time to show his anger towards Kannamaa. Akhil also comes into the argument and says that why he is repeating dialogues.

Then Bharathy says that everyone is supporting Kannamaa despite this, that she kidnapped his daughter. Then he says that he will file the case against her in the supreme court for sure, Venu says that his anger made him blind. But he disagrees with her and goes to find Hema therefore he starts interrogating Kannamaa’s neighbors. Then Anjali says that Hema got kidnapped 4 hours ago, and meanwhile Soundarya complains Bharathy is accusing Kannamma instead of finding Hema.

Bharathi Kannamma Written Episode

After that, Bharathy angrily says that his entire family has decided that Kannamaa is a nice woman and not even ready to remove that from their heart. Meanwhile, says that he got shattered when Hema got misplaced but no one cares for him, because of Kannamaa. Bharathy complains that Soundarya does not love her child’s over daughters-in-law, meanwhile Venu starts accusing Bharathy that he does not have control over his tongue. But still, Bharathi is sticking to his words that Kannamaa is the only one who can kidnap Hema.

Then says that Hema does not have her mother and therefore she connects with Kannamaa, and under keeping this in her mind she is executing her conspiracy. Meanwhile, he also accuses his family of Hema’s Kidnapping, at the same time Bharathy touches Soundarya’s hand and says that After Kannamaa left him, he decided to never married again. Then Bharathi says that first, she made Hema come close to him, and later, she made her separate so what is the reason behind it.

Then he sits and starts crying along with Soundarya and says that since when Kannamaa met Hema, she gradually made the distance between him and her. Then says that why she is trying to snatch Hema from him, and says that it’s inappropriate enough. Meantime, Lakshmi arrives there and asks him why he is crying he elaborates everything and she makes his console. So do not miss to watch it on Star Vijay Television at 09:00 pm and for further details connect with us.


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