Home Entertainment Bharathi Kannamma Latest Written Update 14th June 2021: Soundarya Executes Her Conspiracy

Bharathi Kannamma Latest Written Update 14th June 2021: Soundarya Executes Her Conspiracy


The episode begins where Soundarya’s family reaches the home and says that nothing is more comfortable than a house. Soundarya interrogates Akhil about Bharathy, and he informs that Hema sent her to purchase a few things. Meanwhile, she orders Anjali that she should take some rest. Then Bharathy and Hema reach there and Soundarya gets happy to see them together and welcomes them. Then Bharathy checks Soundarya’s reports and says that there is no need to think more, and they get happy to see them.

Bharathi Kannamma Latest Written Update 14th June 2021: Soundarya Executes Her Conspiracy

Then Hema expresses her fear and Sondarya makes sure that she will talk to him for sure. Then she leaves the place spontaneously Venu complains that she tries to make unite with Kannamma through Hema, but she keeps on trying to make them separate.  Soundarya and Venu notice that Bharathy is trying their best to take a passport as soon as possible for which she is talking too. Then Soundarya snatches a phone from Bharathy and says that now it does not need, to pick or use for something.

Then Spoundarya says that who will think about him after them, and Bharathy complains against Soundarya’s decision. Because she is supporting a person who ruined her life, Hema is connected with Kannamma and she can not see them together at any cost. Soundarya makes a conspiracy to make unite with Kannamaa through Hema, therefore Soundarya questions Bharathy that she does not have any right to make Hema Separate from him.

After that, Soundarya informs her that she has all facilities even all her relationships are still, ice with her so despite this, why she tries to go from here. Bharathy complaints that there is no peace hence, Soundarya says that if she is unable to find peace here so won’t able to find it in America as well. But Bharathy is sticking to her words, another side, Kumar drops Kannamma at the school, and meanwhile, Lakshmi questions here that why she is sitting here alone.

Then Hema comes and notices Lakshmi and she informs her that her father went to meet the principal and meanwhile, Lakshmi asks her about the problem, Hema says that her parents are selfish and says that Bharathy does not feel like going from here because all her favourite person are here. Kannamaa comes there and Hema hugs her and expresses her feelings, and tells her everything. Kannamma consoles her by saying that Bharathy always respects others, hence she is doing all this. So do not miss to watch it at the correct time and for more updates stay connected with us.


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