Home Entertainment Bharathi Kannamma Serial 27th July 2021 Today’s Written Update: Shanthi Interrogates Venba

Bharathi Kannamma Serial 27th July 2021 Today’s Written Update: Shanthi Interrogates Venba


The upcoming episode of Bharathi Kannamaa will begin where Kannamaa is cleaning rice meanwhile, Hema asks her why she is cleaning this into the water. Kannamaa makes understand everything and at the same time, Tulsi arrives and asks when she came here. She replies that her father brought her here, In the meantime, Tulsi wonders that Kannamaa is her mother but she is unfamiliar with this. Then she asks Hema till when she will stay here, Hema replies unless his father calls her back.

Bharathi Kannamma Serial 27th July 2021 Today's Written Update: Shanthi Interrogates Venba

Then Lakshmi arrives and expresses her sadness that she had only one friend Hema in her class and now she also left the school. Meanwhile, Kannamaa and Tulsi console her by saying that it’s not a big issue and suddenly calls Hema. Both get happy to see each other and she unleashes the reason as well that her father permitted her to stay here. After a while, Lakshmi complains that she does not like when Hema addresses Kannamaa as a cooking mom, but Kannamaa asks her to talk in law pitch because Hema is here.

At the same time, she mentions if Hema hears this so she will feel bed so please stop it as soon as possible. Then she asks her to not thinking much on this topic even Venu praises Kannamaa, spontaneously Anjali arrives and he asks her to inform whenever they go out. Then AC brings it to their residence and Bharathi reveals that he brought it for Kannamaa, and says that he saw Kannamaa’s house that there are not enough facilities at all. Her house always heats hence, he ordered AC because Hema is staying there nowadays.

Then Soundarya says that he should take their permission before pacing the order but he replies that he is just helping then. But she refuses to accept AC due to her self-respect and meanwhile, Soundarya says that let Hema tackle these circumstances. Bharathi complains that Kannamaa also refused to take money but Soundarya makes him understand that it is inappropriate if he pays money for Hema’s staying. Meanwhile, says that Kannamaa’s house is not a hotel, so before taking any step think twice.

Another side, Shanthi interrogates Venba that does she love Bharathi a lot because it seems her possessive nature, through which she is ready to marry a married guy. Venba nods and says that she loves him enough and therefore he comes to meet her quite often. then Shanthi tells her his problem but she is unable to understand and asks him to explain a bit more. So do not miss to watch it at the correct time and for more details stay tuned with us.


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