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Bharathi Kannamma Today’s Episode 10th June 2021: Venba Revelas Truth Of Kidnapping?


The recent episode begins where Saoundarya dials a call to someone but did not get the response, spontaneously Hema comes there along with Bharathi. Soundarya gives her blessings for her birthday and kisses her as well, meanwhile, she says that she wants to give these chocolates to her friends in the school. Then she agrees with her and says that if she wants so she can liberate these chocolates to her cooking mom because she likes her a lot and Hema agrees with her. Then Soundarya asks her to sit in the car and start talking with Bharathi.

Bharathi Kannamma

Then Hema leaves the place and Soundarya asks him about his hand, he replies that everything is healing gradually but she interrupts him that why he does not tell her about his injury and problems. But she knows very well that he got injured in Kannamma’s house because she has told her everything. Then Soundarya asks him about the issue between them which taken the controversial angle, and she replies that he starts behaving like a dominating man and she gets shocked to hear this.

After that, Soumdarya rebukes Kannamaa for bothering and meanwhile, interrogates that what is the reason to meet her. Then Bharathi makes her recall all those controversial stuff which have they faced before, But Soundarya convinces her that he did not hurt her at all. Bharathi complains that he only cares about her nor him which is not appropriate enough, Venba thinks that Durga tortured her enough, in short, he is short-tempered. Then Shanti comes there and gets happy to see Venba and asks her about the circumstances which she has gone through.

Then Shanti informs her that she found her everywhere even in a morgue as well ahead she says that she is getting afraid to complain against that, due to crimes. Then Venba wonders that if she comes to know that Durna got kidnapped, so she will see her disrespectfully, and therefore she tells a lie to her that she is going to Mumbai for urgent work. Shanti informs her that she lost a golden chance yesterday and if she was there she would have been married to Bharathi.

Then Lakshmi drives a car speedily, and Kumar informs her that it’s an auto, not a car, and only three tyres are attached to it. Lakshmi questions Kannamaa that where she found her, then she reveals that when he was helping her then she met him. Then Kumar says that his mother has fulfilled his all dreams and wishes and Lakshmi nods her head then Lakshmi makes her remember that she wants to celebrate her birthday with Hema. So do not miss to watch it at the correct time and for more updates stay connected with us.


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