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Bharathi Kannamma Today’s Episode 23rd June 2021: Hema Gets Escaped


The upcoming episode of Bharathi Kannammaa will begin where Anjali is roaming in her room and tensed about the consequences of her reports. Because she is not able to wait peacefully and hence, makes a call to the doctor and asks about the reports. Then the doctor advises her to meet her in the hospital because only then she can make her understand. Meanwhile, wonders that her life was going comfortable but now numerous troubles are coming in her way. Then Soundarya converses with a Lawyer and informs Venu that she is arranging bail.

Bharathi Kannamma

Then Soundarya unleashes that when she saw Kannamaa in the police station she git shattered because still, she is unfamiliar with Hema as a mother. Then says that how could Bharathy files the complaint against Kannamaa regarding Hema. Then Anjali comes there and asks Venu what happened, but she makes an excuse of a headache. Meanwhile, Akhil brings away Lakshmi from there because they are facing problems to gove answers to her questions regarding Kannamaa.

After that, Akhil makes a call to Kannamaa and going to handover the mobile to her but suddenly sees the name and removes that. Then again tries to dial the number and meanwhile, Kannamaa also gets permission from the inspector to talk to them and assures Lakshmi to come soon. Another side, Hema is crying to look goons because she can not do anything and she tries to rush from there. Then Goons are started following her and Soundarya also reach the police station with an advocate for the bail of Kannamaa.

Then Soundarya asks her is she having anything or not, she negatively nods her head and raises a question that did she get Hema or not. Then Soundarya introduces her friend as an advocate of Kannamaa and she makes her understand that there is no need to think more bout it. Kannamaa replies that she is thinking about Hema and Soundarya tries to console her by saying that they will find her soon. Then says that she did not think that her love will convert into a curse for Hema.

Then Advocate praises Soundarya and Kannamaa’s bond by saying that she has seen many cases but this kind of bond seen barely. Because Soundaryus is doing her best to make Kannamaa outside from the police station, then Kannamaa unleashes that she did not see her mother. Therefore she treats Soundarys as her mother, Soundarya shares the past with her but she stops her by saying that it’s inappropriate to bring it out. So do not miss to watch it on Star Vijay Tv at 08:30 P and for more updates connect with us.


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