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Bharathi Kannamma Today’s Episode: Kannamaa Gets Hema’s Location 26 June 2021 Update


The upcoming episode of Bharathi Kannamaa begins where Hema is roaming the road to find her father, and she is starving too along with tiredness. Inwardly she wishes that her father will come to bring her from here, at the same time, she looks that a few people are eating in the street. Then she goes to the food stall and asks the owner for a water bottle but he sends her out because she does not have enough money to buy a water bottle.

Bharathi Kannamma Today's Episode: Kannamaa Gets Hema's Location 26 June 2021 Update

Then she goes and sits under the shed of the tree and recalls the incident of kidnapping, On the other side, Lakshmi asks Kannamaa did she take lunch or not. She denies by saying that she did not feel like eating anything, at the same time she shares that nowadays Bharathi is doing everything to make her separate from Hema. Then Lakshmi asks Kannamaa to elaborate on the meaning of Ranam, then Kannamaa makes Lakshmi understand that after her father’s demise she can share everything with her.

Then Bharathi says that he met Kannamaa in the passport office and she took advantage and kidnapped Hema which is inappropriate enough. Meanwhile, mentions despite this, she is pretending innocent but she is promising him that she did not do this at all. Then Bharathi says that Kannamaa made many lame promises but meanwhile, wonders that if Kannamaa is right so what will happen with Hema. At the same time, he gets a call that Hema’s passport is ready and he can take it from the office.

Then Bharathi thanks him and cut the call but meanwhile, he cries while thinking that Passport is ready but Hema is not here. Another side, Hema also crying to recall Bharathi and she sees that a lady is talking near her, and she asks to use her phone and starts dialling Bharathi’s number. But he is not able to take the call because he is talking to Prashanth regarding her passport, after a while, a lady takes back her mobile and goes from there.

Then Kannamaa goes to find Hema and meantime her father notices her and asks that where she is going, she replies that she is finding Hema. He asks that who is her and she elaborates that Hema is the daughter of Bharathi, and after hearing this he complains that he made her life hell despite this, she is finding his daughter. Then she makes him recall whatever happened in reality and says that she could be inside the auto. So do not miss to watch it at the correct time and for more details connect with us.


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