Home Entertainment Bharathi Kannamma Written Episode 8th July 2021: Bharathi Lies To Hema

Bharathi Kannamma Written Episode 8th July 2021: Bharathi Lies To Hema


The latest episode of Bharathi Kannamma starts with Bharathi’s lies. He lies to Hema that her mother is not alive. Hema gets stunned hearing that. Bharathi says that he didn’t tell her earlier as she was not mature but now he is telling her the truth. Hema asks if she can never see her other to which Bharathi shakes his head. He says that he is both his father and mother. Hema begins to cry. Meanwhile, Sounadarya hears the entire conversation. She doesn’t understand why is Bharathi lying to Hema while Anjali also thinks the same and they pity Hema.

On another side, Kannamma is stitching something while listening to the book Lakshmi is reading. Later, Tulsi enters and tells her that it feels like they are meeting after so long. Sumati also arrives and shares that there is a new rival in their business. Kannamma gets upset hearing that. After a while, an old woman knocks on the door. She complains that they didn’t put the packets of Maavu in delivery. Instead of getting sad, Kannamma gets happy seeing an honest customer. She asks her to come inside and offers her water.



Bharathi Kannamma Written Episode

In the next scene, Lakshmi says that she has one doubt to which Tusli asks her to ask as they are here to clear doubts only. She asks that why the old lady said that Kannamma will live for 100 years. Tusli smiles and elaborates everything. There, Soundarya taunts Bharathi for being not just a good doctor but a good actor as well. Bharathi also calls Soundarya a good actress as she is showing her support to Kannamma. Soundarya says that even she has lied but it was to unite separated husband and wife but he lied to Hema about Kannamma’s death.

Bharathi angrily questions her that what should he have done then as Hema kept asking about her mother. If he told her about Kannamma, she might have not accepted the truth so he lied to her instead. Sounadarya says that he could have said anything but he chose to kill Kannamma instead. She asks how did he even say those words. Soundarya tells Bharathi that he has changed and is no longer that Bharathi that she used to know. Bharathi tells her that he will take Hema to America with him so that he would forget about her mother Kannamma. Stay tuned with us for more updates.


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