Home Entertainment Bharathi Kannamma Written Episode 9th July 2021: Doctor Advises Anjali Of Abortion

Bharathi Kannamma Written Episode 9th July 2021: Doctor Advises Anjali Of Abortion


The latest episode of Bharathi Kannamma begins with the doctor warning Anjali. He tells her that her life could get in danger if the delivery happened as her child will be completely fine but she might not survive. The doctor suggests her aborting the child to avoid the risk. Anjali gets stunned hearing that. The doctor tells her that he can understand what is she going through and aborting the child that she got after so many years could be a very big deal for her but it’s a matter of her life.

The doctor tries to make Anjali understand that if she gets fine and her body gets better too, she can easily conceive again. Anjali says that this baby brought changes in behaviour to her husband and now he wants the baby more than her. Anjali requests the doctor to allow her to keep the baby. Later, Anjali gets emotional seeing Akhil. She thinks that she never wanted to lie to him but because of her condition, she has to hide the truth again or else he will get shattered. Anjali assures her saying that the baby will become the best company of Akhil.

Bharathi Kannamma Written Episode



Akhil tells Anjali that he was worried as the doctor didn’t even inform him about her health. Anjali lies to him saying everything is fine. Akhil gets pleased to know this and says that within six months, they will be playing with their baby. On another side, Sounadrya phones Kannamma to ask about her injury while the latter enquires about Hema. Sounadrya asks Kannamma not to worry as Hema is doing fine. Soundarya teases Kannamma and says that she is taking good care of Bharathi and even is taking selfies with him. Kannamma tells her that she is being good to him as he is their guest.

Later, Soundarya gets upset. Kannamma asks her about it. Soundarya tells her that she wants to see Bharathi and Kannamma together. The latter tells her not to get tensed as if destiny wants then they will get together. In the next scene, Venba pretends to get worried about Hema. She asks Bharathi if she is fine. Bharathi tells her about what happened in the passport office which shocks Venba. She wonders if he found about Kannamma or not and also worries about Hema. Keep watching Bharathi Kannamma on Vijay TV and read the latest written episodes on Social Telecast.


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