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Bichoo Ka Khel ALTBalaji Trailer Review Star Cast & Release Date


A new series on the Alt Balaji streaming platform is coming out on 14th November 2020, there are so many people all across the country who are eagerly waiting for the series. If you have not yet seen the trailer of this series, then we would like to tell you that the trailer of this web series is being very liked by the people. And if you haven’t seen the trailer yet, we would like to tell you that the trailer is very good and watch it on YouTube right now.

Bichoo ka khel hd images

What people found the best thing after watching the trailer of this series was that its story and character are very good. If you want to know more about the Bichhoo Ka Khel series, stay tuned with us and read this article till the end. Because we have provided every information related to this series in this article such as release date, the star cast of the series, storyline, etc.

Before knowing the release date, we all should give you a list of the names of all the actors involved in this series. The best thing about this series is that there is no artist in it who has never worked in a series before. Additionally, every actor is a theater artist. The reason for the success of this series is the actress working in it. Yes, you got it right because of this it is becoming so famous and people are eagerly waiting for it.

Bichoo Ka Khel Star Cast & Story Line

The film star cast includes Divyendu Sharma & Anshul Chauhan while some of the other cast artists are Satyajit Sharma and Mukul Chadda. If we talk about the storyline of the series, then by watching the trailer, it is learned that this series is based on a teenage boy whose father passes away, when he is very young. When he loses his father at a young age. So he has nothing to do, now in this series, it will be known which path he leads. Does he become a punk?

Trailer Review & Release Date (Bichoo Ka Khel)

It is also shown in the trailer that he has become a punk and he has killed many. We do not know why he is killing people, is he is avenging his father’s death? Stay connected with us and get to know more about the storyline and the concept in the movie further when it releases. Ever since the trailer of this series has arrived, fans of this series have not rested. They are eagerly waiting for its release. We would like to inform all the fans of Bichhoo Ka Khel fans that the series is going to release on 14th November 2020. Thankx for reading the blog, we hope you liked it.


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