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Big Brother 24 Live Update September 2,2022 Spoilers: Kyle wants to go to jury


Popular American reality shows Bigg Brother 24 is winning the hearts of the viewers. Ever since its premiere on July 6, 2022, the show has remained on the list of the most-discussed and trending shows. Poeple are taking a lot of interest in watching the new episodes filled with arguments, fights, debates, and twists. The contestants have entered the eighth week and it is no doubt to say that the competition is getting intense every passing day. Let us find out what is going to happen in the upcoming episodes of BB24 in the article below.

Big Brother 24

For quite some time, everyone was wondering whether Kyle will leave the house this week or not. Well, let us tell you that Kyle had personal conversations with Monte and Taylor this afternoon. The trio spoke about the comments that Kyle made which included the desire to form an all-white alliance thinking there was another Cookout on this season. Kyle went on to apologize and even cried as he said that he is trying his best to explain that he wants to grow and get better as a person. Both Monte and Taylor listened to what he had to say.

After hearing Kyle’s apology and statement, Taylor said that what if she is just a really nice girl to Alyssa and when there was debate about using the Veto and her going on the block? She added that in her experience, she never gets to have that assumption placed on her and she found much of that triggering and difficult. Later, Monte also talked to Terrance about some stuff and shared some of his experiences in the house. Talking about the game, Kyle told Taylor that he does not care whether anyone is contemplating keeping him as he is leaving.

Adding further, Kyle said that he thinks of himself as a juror more so than a player and that he was not going to have the votes anyway. Let us also add that Alyssa broke up with him officially too. It is no doubt to say that the dynamics among the contestants are changing at a faster speed and this is bringing lots of twists and turns to the reality show. Well, whatever the reason, one thing is clear it is bringing audience and TRP as well. Fans are taking to social media to share what they feel about the ongoing stuff in Bigg Brother Season 24. Follow us for more updates!


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