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Big Brother Season 23 Episode 15 Spoilers Alert Preview Precap Watch Online


The controversial reality show, Bigg Brother Season 23 is all set to premiere its episode 14. So far, 13 episodes filled with high-voltage drama and string of twists have entertained the spectators well and now, the fans are super excited to witness this new episode. We have brought you the latest spoilers along with a quick recap of the previous episode if you missed that by any chance. The main highlight this week was the elimination as the viewers were eager to know who will be evicted from the show. However, it was quite obvious that one of the contestants between Whitney and Hannah will have to leave the BB house.

Big Brother Season 23 Episode 15

Comparing Whitney and Hannah, the latter has managed to develop connections with the rest of the housemates while Whitney couldn’t secure many. In today’s episode of the reality show, Hannah and Tiffany joined hands to perform the tasks. Previously, it was shown that Julie surprised the contestants by revealing a new twist where no contestants would play in the teams and they will have to play individually now. However, the teams were allowed to discuss their nomination strategies. Due to the said twist, Whitney and Sarah Beth came in danger as they became the target of the housemates.

In the latest episode 14 that will be premiered on August 8, 2021, there will be a live elimination between Hannah and Whitney. After the votes and discussions, the contestants voted out Whitney while Hannah got saved. Yes, with a vote difference of 10-0, Whitney being the target of the contestant, exited the house. Later, in the episode, it was shown that Julie had a conversation with Whitney and explained to her why the housemates didn’t choose her to stay and voted her out. Besides, the tasks were also discussed which could have become the reason for Whitney not shining the brightest among other participants due to her average performance.

After that, few videos from the housemates were also played where they were stating that they will miss the eliminated contestant. Later, Julie breaks the news out and tells the contestants that the show Bigg Brother Season 23 will only have one winner so it would only be fair if everyone starts playing their individual games instead of teaming up every time. Julie congratulates Hannah for her survival and questions her about her one regret. Hannah states that she regrets not winning any HOH competition. Episode 14 will also feature the HOH competition.


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